[Translation] 021 Channel (Onii-chan Neru) – Prologue + Character Profiles

Character Profiles



The ideal older brother that everyone wants to return home to

“My dream is for the two of to live together. That’s it♪”

An athletic superior salesman. With a cheerful and attentive personality his sales records are always top class. He is popular with his colleagues and is continually invented to drinking parties and to hang out.  His hobbies are making curry, and basketball. His dream is to build a house to live in together with his sister.

Height: 173cm

Weight: 57kg

Blood Type: O

Birthday: 7/7

Residence: Tsukishima

Occupation: Brokerage Firm Salesman

Hobbies: Basketball (playing and spectating), games and cooking

Favorite foods: Curry, fried chicken and hamburgers

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