[Translation] Kimi Kiri Character Profiles -Shion Academy


Rindou Kei

CV: Taku Yashiro

He’s full of misunderstandings because he want to be popular!? A self-proclaimed intelligent bespectacled guy 

“With one word, I would happily cross the raging sea for you.”

The student council treasurer and a scientific kind of guy whose specialty is making robots. He tries to act cool and he is good at talking in a flashy way!? A beloved senpai who is adored by his juniors.

Birthday: 2/2

Star sign: Aquarius

Grade: 2nd year

Blood Type: AB

Height: 171cm

Weight: 56kg

Position: Shion Academy Executive Student Council Treasurer

Image Color: Sunflower yellow

Likes: Pasta, pizza, and Chocolate

Dislikes: Not good with wasabi and other spicy things

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[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Winter Troupe Character Profile

Winter Troupe

I wanna be on this Stage. I can’t think of anything else.

Tsumugi Tsukioka

CV: Atsushi Tamaru

A returning actor who came to reclaim his lost dream

“No matter what, I want to stand on the stage with you.”

He once participated in student plays but, due to a certain incident he lost his acting confidence and gave up on the path of an actor. However he didn’t abandon it after all, and he joins MAKAI company to chase after that dream again. He is the leader of the Winter Troupe. He is gentle but has a bit of a timid personality. He is childhood friends with Tasuku, and was in the same theater circle at university and they planned plays together.

Age: 24

Height: 175cm

Birthday: 12/28

Blood Type: O

Occupation: Freeter (private tutor)

Motif Flower: Narcissus

Hobbies: Gardening (influenced by his grandmother)

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[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Autumn Troupe Character Profiles

Autumn Troupe

Finally I found something rewarding… It’s all your fault

Banri Settsu

CV: Chiharu Sawashiro

A neo-delinquent actor who lives his life on easy mode 

“My life is on super ultra easy mode “

An ultra high specs delinquent who can not only handle sports and studying flawlessly but pretty much anything else. Everything in life feels pointless to him so he spent all his time getting into fights as he saw fit until he tasted defeat. He chased after Juza who had defeated him and for the sake of revenge joined the MANKAI company. He is the leader of the Autumn Troupe.

Age: 17

Height: 183cm

Birthday: 9/9

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Third year high school student at Hanasaki Academy

Motif Flower: Cosmos

Hobbies: Playing games, and solving Rubik’s cubes

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[Translation] A3 (Act! Addict! Actors!) Summer Troupe Character Profiles

Summer Troupe

You are the first person to accept my weakness.

Tenma Sumeragi

CV: Takuya Eguchi

A genius Ore-sama type actor who really hates to lose

“Someday, I’ll be the man who wins best leading actor awards all over the world!”

A talented actor who was a genius child actor. He is a thoroughbred with parents that are both movie stars. He has absolute confidence in his acting and he hates to lose… But because of that he does not have very many friends. He is the leader of the Summer Troupe. He was in the middle of filming a movie but because of a certain reason he entered the MANKAI company to take on the stage.

Age: 16

Height: 178cm

Birthday: 6/21

Blood Type: O

Occupation: 2nd year student at Ouka High School

Motif Flower: Sunflower

Hobbies: Bonsai topiary, and muscle training

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[Translation] A3 (Act! Addict! Actors!) Spring Troupe Character Profiles

Spring Troupe

Please make our talent blossom, Director

Sakuya Sakuma

CV: Kodai Saka

A straightforward, sunny and energetic actor

“I’m going to do even more than my best”

Ever since he was little he loved dramas and he still needs more experience and ability but  at any rate he is a hard-worker who strives to practice with all his might. His home situation is a little bit complicated and after seeing a recruitment for live-in troupe members he went to audition.He was the first to become a member of the troupe formed  by the new company MAKAI.  He is selected as the leader of the Spring Troupe.

Age: 17

Height: 167cm

Birthday: 3/9

Blood Type: O

Occupation: Third year high school student at Hanasaki Academy

Motif Flower: Cherry blossoms

Hobbies: Practicing the lines from his favorite drama by the river

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[Translation] GARM STRUGGLE: Character Profiles + Story Introduction

Character Profiles


Sumeragi Mao 

CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki

Mad love (phillia) –  Love of crying (Dacryphillia)

‘You can only cry for me…!”

The heroine’s childhood friend.

Good at sports, and an ore-sama type character.

Popular at school, and he thinks that he’s the best.

Mad Love (phillia) details: Is attracted to crying, tears and wailing, streaming tears.

Age: 18

Birthday: 7/9

Blood Type: B

Height/Weight: 178cm/63kg

Favorite Things: Meat, and working out

Disliked Things: Conspiracies

Hobbies: Basketball

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[Translation] 021 Channel (Onii-chan Neru) – Prologue + Character Profiles

Character Profiles



The ideal older brother that everyone wants to return home to

“My dream is for the two of to live together. That’s it♪”

An athletic superior salesman. With a cheerful and attentive personality his sales records are always top class. He is popular with his colleagues and is continually invented to drinking parties and to hang out.  His hobbies are making curry, and basketball. His dream is to build a house to live in together with his sister.

Height: 173cm

Weight: 57kg

Blood Type: O

Birthday: 7/7

Residence: Tsukishima

Occupation: Brokerage Firm Salesman

Hobbies: Basketball (playing and spectating), games and cooking

Favorite foods: Curry, fried chicken and hamburgers

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