[Translation] Tokimeki Idol – Nyan Musume Taihensou! Event Story Part One

Only a Cat Knows

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[Translation] Princess Connect Re:Dive – Hatsune’s Great Present Strategy (Hatsune no Present Daisakusen) Event Preview

Hatsune: Shiorin, Shiorinnn! It’s been a while! How have you been~?
Shiori: Ah, Onee-chan….. Yes, the air at the ranch  is fresh, so I’ve been feeling well.
Hatsune: I see, I see~! That’s great! Shiorin, I heard some people from the animal park talking about you. They said that you have been working hard very at your job! You’re such a good girl, Shiorin!
Shiori: Wah… T-that’s embarrassing. So, what are you doing today? Did you need something from me?
Hatsune: Yeah! Actually, for the hard hard-working Shiorin I…. N-never mind! It’s a secret, a secret!
Shiori: I wonder it is…. Fufu, such a wierd Onee-chan.

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Shiori: Ah…. I’m feeling dizzy for some reason….
Hatsune: Shiorin!

[Translation] Tokimeki Idol – Nyan Musume Taihensou! Event Story Prologue

~One Afternoon~

Producer: (Ah, it’s Tsukishima-san. I wonder what she’s looking at? …Is she watching Neko-senpai sleep?)
Tsukishima Minato: Ah, Producer.
Producer: What were you doing?

Tsukishima Minato: Um…. It’s my first time living with a cat. Cat’s are cute. They are so cute.

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[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Adventure for Sardines Event – Tenma Sumeragi Mini Conversation

Sardines – Part One


Cats, huh…….. Even though it’s just a personification, it’s my first time playing an animal. Of course, it’s also the first time I’ve worn something like cat ears.  But, of course I’m planning on researching how to be like a cat without giving up.  Whether it’s a cat, or a robot, or a vending machine, I will show you a perfect performance. Uhh, It’s not like that, they just said it before–I don’t really want to play a vending machine!

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[Translation] Idol Animal of Sirius Academy 7 Colors Character Profiles

Asahi Yuki
CV: Junta Terashima
A puppy-like boy who just can’t stop when he starts running
“Yeah! If I’ve got motivation and passion I wont lose to anyone!
An upfront and friendly guy who is a bit of naughty downtown kid. Even though he’s bighearted he really hates to lose. He has the habit of saying “Yeah!” right away when he’s asked to do something.
Age: 15
Birthday: 9th March
Class: 1st Year Class A
Transformation: Dog
 Height: 164 cm
Blood Type: O
Committee: Beautification Committee Member
Hobbies: DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

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[Translation]Dear My Magical Boys Character Profiles

Kaito Hinomiya
CV: Soma Saito
 At anytime his smiling face is the best!
“It will all be okay! Somehow I just know it will!”
Personality: He has a bright and energetic personality, and is able to get along with anyone. He hates anything twisted and is overflowing with a sense of justice. However he is unable to admit things and tends to pull away, he lacks flexibility. He is childhood friends with Mika and his brother Niki, and so he spends a lot of time with Mika. He is put in the same dorm room as Arata who for some reason sees him as a rival.
Grade: 2nd Year High School
Height: 174cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: A
Star Sign: Aries
Birthday: 25th March
Likes: Omurice and Soccer
Dislikes: Dogs
Family: Mother and Father
Spec: Fire Magic

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[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Boy Alice in Wonderland Event Story – Chapter 1

Heroine: Alice in Wonderland?
Tsuzuru: It’s still in the planning stage but, I want go with that motif for the next Spring Troupe performance.
Itaru: And the cross-dressing problem returns.
Sakuya: When we did Romeo we made Juliet a man.
Heroine: The other characters aside, the leading role of Alice is the image of a girl, so what will you do?

Tsuzuru: This time I’m thinking of re-imagining Alice as a male university student.
Heroine: Oh! Alice as a male university student would be original.

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