[Translation] Tokimeki Idol – Nyan Musume Taihensou! Event Story Part One

Only a Cat Knows

Tsukishima Minato: I wonder if I can really become an idol… Hey, what do you think, Neko-senpai?
Neko-senpai: Meow
Tsukishima Minato: … Yeah… If only I knew what you were saying, Neko-senpai, like Nanana can… … You know, even though the Producer said… Even though that person said that I could become a top idol…I honestly can’t believe it… Can I really? I wonder if they really believe in what they said? It makes me uneasy… But, if they really believe in me… then I wish I could really do it, if only a bit.
Neko-senpai: Meow meow

Producer: Nhh… (Ahh… Did I fall asleep? Yeah. What was I dreaming about….?) Ah, Neko-senpai. Good morning.
Neko-senpai: Meow ♪
Producer: (…? For some reason Neko-senpai seems to be in a good mood. I wonder if something good happened.)



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