[Translation] Tokimeki Idol – Nyan Musume Taihensou! Event Story Prologue

~One Afternoon~

Producer: (Ah, it’s Tsukishima-san. I wonder what she’s looking at? …Is she watching Neko-senpai sleep?)
Tsukishima Minato: Ah, Producer.
Producer: What were you doing?

Tsukishima Minato: Um…. It’s my first time living with a cat. Cat’s are cute. They are so cute.

Producer: (Why did she say it twice..)
Tsukishima Minato: But, if I try to touch it or get close, it runs away.
Producer: (So the cat will run away when it’s interfered with~)
Tsukishima Minato: Why does it do that?
Izumi Izumi: Your ‘wanting to pet the cat’ aura is too strong, Minato.
Asagiri Haruko: Just a little more, if you try and control those feeling it will be fine.
Tsukishima Minato: Ah, Izumi-chan and Haruko-san.
Asagiri Haruko: If you sit quietly and read a book in the lounge, I’m sure that Neko-senpai will come over to you.
Izumi Izumi: It’s important to remain calm without getting excited and yelling “Cute!”.
Tsukishima Minato: Remaining calm…. It’s sounds difficult but I’ll try my best!
Producer: (…She was far from calm when she declared she’d try her best. I wonder if this will be alright…)

~Later that Day~

Katagiri Nanana: Hey~ Minato~
Tsukishima Minato: Ah, Nanana. What’s up?
Katagiri Nanana: Haruko told me that you wanted to become friendly with Neko-senpai.
Tsukishima Minato: Ah… Yeah. So, Haruko-san and Izumi-chan gave me some advice. They said remaining calm is important. But I wonder if I can do that.
Katagiri Nanana: That’s okay! I’ve just thought of an even better idea.
Tsukishima Minato: Huh, really?
Katagiri Nanana: Yes! I call it the “It’s better to just become a cat” strategy.
Tsukishima Minato: … Umm… What? Become a cat?
Katagiri Nanana: Yes. I sent a message to the president telling him to “buy it”, so it should be arriving soon. An accessory set made up of cat ears, a tail, and gloves.


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One thought on “[Translation] Tokimeki Idol – Nyan Musume Taihensou! Event Story Prologue

  1. Hey everyone,
    This is a major turn from my previous posts(mostly boy idols) but I really love all mobile games, so I’m happy to help out where there isn’t a lot of translations! and this game is a lot of fun! (Anything with costumes is my jam.)
    Also apologies for the long hiatus. Hopefully, now that my studies are over, I can get back into regular translating. I won’t be doing A3! anymore since over at the wiki they have some awesome translations of the main story and events. so head on over there for more A3! content.


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