[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Adventure for Sardines Event – Tenma Sumeragi Mini Conversation

Sardines – Part One


Cats, huh…….. Even though it’s just a personification, it’s my first time playing an animal. Of course, it’s also the first time I’ve worn something like cat ears.  But, of course I’m planning on researching how to be like a cat without giving up.  Whether it’s a cat, or a robot, or a vending machine, I will show you a perfect performance. Uhh, It’s not like that, they just said it before–I don’t really want to play a vending machine!

Sardines – Part Two

Those other guys say he’s a geezer but Tsumugi-san is the only one who understands how great bonsai is. The other day, we went to a bonsai store together.  It looked like Tsumugi-san was interested in the ones grown from moss balls. I think he’ll soon start collecting them in the lounge room. Thanks to Tsumugi-san, there are always different colored flower blooming and lots of greenery. It’s very soothing.

Sardines – Part Three

I usually play the “beautiful” or the “cool” character in dramas and movies but, even if it’s always the good guy, I make variations. If it’s always a similar character, I can’t increase my acting range and it’s not all that interesting. For example, even if I’m told that I’m playing a “cool, good-looking guy”, I have to increase my knowledge and experience for handling things impromptu so that I can act in various ways. By the way, what kind of guys do you think are cool? T-There’s no reason, I’m just asking  for future roles, there’s no deeper meaning behind it!

Sardines – Tenma and Itaru Talk

Tenma: Uhh, where’s the remote–!
Itaru: !
Tenma: Ah, my bad.
Itaru: You bastard, you bumped in to me while I’m trying to pull from this really important limited gacha, don’t mess—–! ……..! I got the limited SSR I was aiming for. I’ll let you off this time.
Tenma: Huh? O, Okay…..
Itaru: Yeah-! Today’s my lucky day-. Is there anything I can treat you to, Tenma?
Tenma: ……I don’t really understand what’s going on…


3 thoughts on “[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Adventure for Sardines Event – Tenma Sumeragi Mini Conversation

  1. sorry once again for the lack of updates. I’ve been so busy with my university work that I’ve hardly had time for translating or even just posting up news 😦 as soon as the semester is done, i’ll try and get some of the longer event stories translated! In the meantime, I’ll be finishing off all the mini convos for the events since they don’t take up to much time!

    Thanks for reading 😀


  2. Yumi Chan

    Thanks for the translation! Also, good luck with your university work~ (trust me, I know how time comsuming it is)

    The part with the vending machine reminds me of this one light novel where a guy reincarnates into a vending machine lol.

    Also, isn’t Tenma talking to Itaru in the last part, not Izumi?


    1. Thank you for commenting!

      Yes, sorry about that!! He is talking to Itaru! I think I messed up cause they both start with ‘I’. really sorry for the confusion!!! and thank you for letting me know 😀


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