[Info] A3! A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) “Stranger on the Way” Event and “The Ruined Future” Limited Scout

This weekend the event for the second Autumn Troupe performance “The Stranger” will begin.  Omi Fushimi will have the lead role and the supporting-lead will be Taichi Nanano. The performance song is titled “Just for myself’ and it is written, composed and arranged by Yuyoyuppe.

Also, a sneak peak has been revealed for the upcoming limited scout. The SSR this time will be Taichi Nanano. The scout will become available on the 5/18!

(Update 5/17)

The limited scout is now available! It is titled “The Ruined Future”. The scout will be available until the 5/29 13:59 (JST)

The SSR is Taichi Nanano and he will be playing Zero

The SR is Juza Hyodo and he is cast as John

The R card is Sakyo Furuichi and he is cast as Nine

(Update 5/18)

The event cards have been revealed! The event will begin tomorrow after maintenance.

“Omi is hesitant to take on a role that reminds him of his past self. Then, a man from Omi’s past, Ryou, shows up—-.”

More info will be added as it comes out!!!


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