[Translation]Dear My Magical Boys Character Profiles

Kaito Hinomiya
CV: Soma Saito
 At anytime his smiling face is the best!
“It will all be okay! Somehow I just know it will!”
Personality: He has a bright and energetic personality, and is able to get along with anyone. He hates anything twisted and is overflowing with a sense of justice. However he is unable to admit things and tends to pull away, he lacks flexibility. He is childhood friends with Mika and his brother Niki, and so he spends a lot of time with Mika. He is put in the same dorm room as Arata who for some reason sees him as a rival.
Grade: 2nd Year High School
Height: 174cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: A
Star Sign: Aries
Birthday: 25th March
Likes: Omurice and Soccer
Dislikes: Dogs
Family: Mother and Father
Spec: Fire Magic

Mika Kazuma
CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Don’t call him tsundere 
“No way, it’s impossible!”
Personality: He tends to be sullen and foulmouthed, he’s blunt. In truth this is a bluff to hide his cowardliness.  The other side to him is that he’s a grandma’s boy and incredibly kindhearted. Ever since he was a child he has had a complex over his genius brother Niki and because of this he treats him coldly. Kaito is his childhood friend and he is someone he feels at ease with and is able to talk about anything. He gets seriously depressed over Rin’s sharp tongue.
Grade: 2nd Year High School
Height: 172cm
Weight: 57kg
Blood Type: O
Star Sign: Leo
Birthday: 24th July
Likes: Soccer and his granny’s cooking
Dislikes: Bugs
Family: Grandmother, Father, Mother, and older brother
Spec: Wind Magic

Arata Saiga
CV: Junya Enoki
A chuunibyou whose darkness runs wild and easily falls in love
“Damn! My powers of darkness are running wild!”
Personality: He is often made fun of because of the way he speaks and his clothes. Despite that he is honest and tries at everything with all might. He easily falls in love and confesses right away. Even though his magical ability is a cheat it’s hard to control and often runs wild. He admires Niki and is the number one member of his fan club. He one-sidedly sees Kaito as a rival and dislikes him.
Grade: 2nd Year High School
Height: 168cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood Type: O
Star Sign: Taurus
Birthday: 19th May
Likes: Niki-sama and cooking
Dislikes: Eggplant
Family: Grandfather and Father
Spec: All Magic

Sakuya Minatsuki
CV: Haruka Jinya
The easily swayed young master
“Your actions baffle me”
Personality: The Student Council Vice President. He is a gentle, hardworking honor student. He’s a bit too serious and tends to be preachy, he talks for a too long. However, he praises people who put in effort and is able to accept his own mistakes. He is rich and has an personal servant. He is easily swayed by the Student Council President, Niki, and is fed up from sharing the same dorm room as him. He often nags the optimistic Kaito.
Grade: 3rd Year High School
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood Type: B
Star Sign: Virgo
Birthday: 8th September
Likes: Commuter trains, and cello
Dislikes: Water, oceans, and pools
Family: Grandfather, Father, Mother, older brother, and grandpa
Spec: Water Magic

Niki Mugendo
CV: Yuichiro Umehara
A weird charismatic narcissist☆
“There we go~ Sparkle Sparkle☆”
Personality:  The Student Council President. He is flashy and a show-off weirdo narcissist​. He makes use of his charisma and good looks by working in show biz and his stage name is Mugendo. He is always aloof and his intuition is scary good, he’s a genius who makes use of his surroundings. He dotes on his younger brother, Mika, but his brother’s coldness towards him makes him feel sad. He neglects his student council work, and always causes problems for Sakuya.
Grade: 3rd Year High School
Height: 177cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: AB
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Birthday: 15th December
Likes: Mika, grandma’s cooking, and Kaiba’s unicorn
Dislikes: Nothing in particular~☆
Family: Grandmother, Father, Mother, and younger brother
Spec: Glamour Magic

Rin Kuranushi
CV: Yoshitaka Yamaya
Cute, apathetic and one sharp tongue 
“This really is a pain in the neck…..”
Personality: He’s always low-tension and contrary to his girly appearance he has an unforgiving sharp tongue. He will cut you down if you call him cute. He’s actually manly and decisive. He is fond of spicy food and seasons everything with shichimi​. He shares a dorm room with Yu and thinks it’s irritating when Yu treats him like a child. His current obsession is teasing the serious Sakuya and the cowardly Mika.
Grade: 1st Year High School
Height: 163cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: B
Star Sign: Aquarius
Birthday: 2nd February
Likes: Spicy things, and horror films
Dislikes: Crowded public transport
Family: Mother
Spec: Summoning Magic

Yu Rikumori
CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi
A curious, vigorous, soft an fluffy macho man
“Fufufu, please praise me more”
Personality: The Student council secretary. Contrary to his stern macho appearance, he has a soothing personality and is a bit of an airhead. Brimming with curiosity​, he will show an interest in just about anything. No matter the person, he will be upfront with them, and without restraint, his speaking in a mature manner. He looks out for Rin and is good at handling him. He smiles while listening to Sakuya’s lecturing​. He took to calling Arata “Chuunibyou’ for a while.
Grade: 1st Year High School
Height: 188cm
Weight: 80kg
Blood Type: O
Star Sign: Libra
Birthday: 10th October
Likes: Beautiful things, shoujo manga and Japanese sweets
Dislikes: Being left out
Family: 2 Older Brothers
Spec: Earth Magic



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