[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Boy Alice in Wonderland Event Story – Chapter 1

Heroine: Alice in Wonderland?
Tsuzuru: It’s still in the planning stage but, I want go with that motif for the next Spring Troupe performance.
Itaru: And the cross-dressing problem returns.
Sakuya: When we did Romeo we made Juliet a man.
Heroine: The other characters aside, the leading role of Alice is the image of a girl, so what will you do?

Tsuzuru: This time I’m thinking of re-imagining Alice as a male university student.
Heroine: Oh! Alice as a male university student would be original.

Tsuzuru: I mainly want to write about the mysterious exchanges between Alice and the Hatter.
Sakuya: Creating a fictional world is tricky but it’s a nice idea.
Citron: Ice-cream in Wonderland is also very popular in my country!
Tsuzuru: That sounds delicious but it’s Alice in Wonderland.
Masumi: Hmm…….
Yuki: What, you’re doing Alice next?
Muku: Are you talking about the spring troupe’s next performance?
Heroine: Oh, you’ve come at just the right time–.
Tsuzuru: Yes, this will be the plot for the spring troupe’s next performance.
Kazunari: Woah! This is great. Who will be playing Alice-chan?
Yuki: ……Are you seriously okay with me doing the costumes?
Muku: Yuki-kun, you look like a villain!?
Tsuzuru: For some reason I have a bad feeling about this….
Yuki: If it’s Alice your talking about then a Lolita style costume would fit perfectly. I’ll run through a couple to get it to your liking and make sure it’s cute.
Sakuya: C-Cute……..!?
Itaru: It has to be a level where it won’t be impossible for men in their twenties to wear.
Yuki: You fit the costumes then.
Itaru: That’s pretty unreasonable.
Kazunari: This designing stuff seems fun! I’m fully on board with the Lolita.
Muku: Have you already decided on the cast?
Tsuzuru: I think it would be pretty interesting if Citron played the King of Hearts.
Sakuya: I see. The queen becomes the king.
Citron: The king……
Heroine: Is something wrong?
Tsuzuru: You don’t like it?
Citron: It’s not that. It’s just that I hate that celebrity-like mentality.
Tsuzuru: I’m pretty sure a king is a celebrity.
Heroine: Well, if there are no complaints, Citron will play the King of Hearts.
Sakuya: You have presence so I think it suits you!
Muku: Even just standing there you’re already like a king!
Heroine: Exactly.
Tsuzuru: After that we have the main roles of Alice and The Hatter but, I’m still a little indecisive.
Heroine: Hmm, the lead and the supporting-lead…….
Heroine: (The back and forth exchanges between Alice and The Hatter have an easygoing feeling. The Hatter would say something like “You guys will wake up if you all drink my tea you say? I never heard of such a thing.” and Alice would say something like “I’m the only one here now, who else are you taking to?”…….)
Heroine: The two that I feel would fit the image of easy conversations with low tension are Itaru-san and Masumi-kun… How about them?
Tsuzuru: Ah- I see. They certainly fit that image.
Sakuya: In that case which one would play Alice?
Itaru: Nobody wants to see an Alice in their twenties.
Heroine: If Itaru-san can’t do it, then how about Masumi-kun?
Tsuzuru: It’s better that way when you think about the balancing ages. The Hatter could have the double role as Alice’s real life university professor.
Heroine: Is that okay with you, Masumi-kun?
Masumi: You’re choosing me for the lead role?
Heroine: Yeah. You’re the leader, Masumi-kun.
Heroine: (Aside from acting skills, I’m a bit worried about being able to get everything together……)
Masumi: …….I’ll do it. I make you fall in love with again.
Heroine: Y-Yeah?
Tsuzuru: Your motives are wicked as usual……
Heroine: Apart from what you just said, try your best!
Masumi: Okay
Heroine: Well then, I look forward to working with you in your supporting-lead role, Itaru-san!
Itaru: It seems like I’ll be loosing time to play games…….
Heroine: Come on, don’t say those kinds of things…..
Muku: Wow, Yuki-kun, these costume designs are cute!
Yuki: They’re still just rough drafts.
Kazunari: Anyways, the Cheshire Cat and The White Rabbit have animal ears~
Sakuya: E-Ears……
Tsuzuru: Seriously……..?
Itaru: ……
Heroine: Itaru-san, would another role be better?
Itaru: …..No, playing The Hatter is fine by me. A salary-man in his twenties with cat or rabbit ears would be awful.
Tsuzuru: A university student in his late teens is just as bad……
Heroine: After that we just have the casting of the Chesire Cat and the White Rabbit…. Sakuya-kun, Tsuzuru-kun, which role would you prefer?
Sakuya: The role of the White Rabbit is to lead Alice into Wonderland, so I feel as though that is suited to Tsuzuru-kun.
Tsuzuru: Whether it’s between rabbit ears or cat ears both options are too extreme……
Itaru: If it wasn’t a male university student then equipping them would be dream options.
Citron: I recommend the cat ears!
Tsuzuru: Please consider other people problems…….
Masumi: You’re the one who chose the motif.
Tsuzuru: Gulp………..
Itaru: What goes around comes around.
Heroine: Then the White Rabbit will be Tsuzuru-kun, and Sakuya-kun will be the Cheshire Cat.
Sakuya: Yes!
Tsuzuru: Rabbit ears…….
Itaru: Good job.

Masumi: Alice in Wonderland….. University student Alice……. If I do this will it make her happy……?

Taichi: ……….Hmmm. This month’s feature is 5 ways to be popular with adults~. If I want to  aim for older girls, I’ll need to be popular with adults~.
Masumi: ….
Taichi: Hmm?
Masumi: Give it here.
Taichi: Huh!? H-Hold on, I’m still in the middle of reading it yet!
Masumi: …… 5 ways to be popular with adults…..


3 thoughts on “[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Boy Alice in Wonderland Event Story – Chapter 1

  1. I’m really sorry for how long it’s taken to do this chapter. I’ve been really busy with university and it’s set me back a lot on my blog ;(

    Thank for reading though!! There were a few parts where I was a bit confused in this chapter. So if you see any mistakes please let me know!!! And I apologize if there are any!!

    This event story is shaping up to be a fun one!! But I’m really excited for the next event after the cats one…. The autumn troupe next performance!! They are my favs and I can’t wait!!


      1. I’m sorry but I don’t feel comfortable have them put onto video. The reason is that I’m not always 100% happy with my translations and I can fix mistakes when they are on my blog but if they are put into video they will be permanent. I’m very sorry!!


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