[Info] A3! A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Meikyou Shisu Japanese Culture ClubeLimited Scout


The Meikyou Shisu Japanese Culture Club Scout features Hisoka Mikage (SSR), Yuki Rurikawa (SR), and Citron(R). Each of them are trying out the Japanese spirit of tea ceremony, traditional dance and calligraphy! Meikyou Shisu is an idiom meaning a stable and clear state of mind as a polished mirror and still water. The scout runs until the 4/10 13:59 (JST)

SSR Card

Hisoka Mikage (The Spirit of Tea)

SR Card

Yuki Rurikawa (The Spirit of Dance)

R Card

Citron (The Spirit of Calligraphy) 



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