[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Boy Alice in Wonderland Event – Citron Mini Conversation

Boy Alice – Part One


Citron: I have a lot more lines compared to when we did Romeo and Julius.  I only had 5 lines before. At the time I thought Tsuzuru was bullying the newcomer. I’ve become better at Japanese, so even if I have a lot of lines it will be a piece of cake! With my fluent Japanese I’ll get the fans drunk♪ No, not drunk, I mean that I have them fall madly in love? Yeah, I think that’s right!

Boy Alice – Part Two


Citron: Just now Muku was dozing off, so I tried poking his cheeks. Muku’s cheeks were soft and squishy! Those squishy rice cakes didn’t seem anything like the skin of a boy going through puberty! They were just like marshmallows! Oh! My mistake! If I said something like that and Hisoka tried to eat Muku’s cheeks, it would be horrible, right!? Director, please keep this conversation a secret from Hisoka.

Boy Alice – Part Three

Citron: I might have said this before but, I’m a fan of cat ears! Sakuya’s cat ears are so cute but if you wore cats ear, Director, it would be the cutest thing ever. Next time I want you to secretly put some on and show me. I want to pat you a lot while you wear cat ears. Oh! Of course your usual self is also very cute. Pats and hugs are always welcome♪

Boy Alice – Citron and Hisoka Talk


Citron: Everyone was saying you’re like a ninja, Hisoka! Japanese ninja are so cool! Are you also able to use ninjutsu? Like “water escape no jutsu”!
Hisoka: …..Yeah, I can use it.
Citron: Really!?
Hisoka: Sleeping no jutsu…….. Snore…..
Citron: Oh! If that’s the case then I can use it too. Sleeping no jutsu! ZZZ…..

Translation notes: Citron say dero dero (get drunk) instead of mero mero (fall in love)


2 thoughts on “[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Boy Alice in Wonderland Event – Citron Mini Conversation

  1. Yay!! Mini stories for the event are complete!! Next I’m starting the event story and I might take a bit longer to complete but hopefully I can get the chapter up soon! There will be updates (news and info) in the meantime!!


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