[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Boy Alice in Wonderland Event – Itaru Chigasaki Mini Conversation

Boy Alice – Part One


Itaru: The Hatter’s Tea Party, huh……. It’s not that I don’t like tea but I’ve never bought tea leaves or stuff like that. What do I always drink then, you ask? Well, when I’m at work I drink a lot of coffee. When I’m home or out I drink cola. To go with games I have hamburgers, potato chips and carbonated drinks.  This lineup is the strongest. It’s non-negotiable. It’s unhealthy? Well then, make me a healthy snack tonight, Director.

Boy Alice – Part Two


Itaru: That reminds me, the other day we were talking about cola, but it turns out that Taichi also loves cola quiet a lot. I said I drink a lot of cola so it become a cola showdown between the two of us. The match about drink companies, hiding the bottle from each other, and guessing the flavor. I thought that I would definitely win, but Taichi is really good at guessing the flavor, and the result was a tie. I wonder if it had to do with his untamed sense of smell. Taichi really is like a dog in that respect.

Boy Alice – Part Three

Itaru: Ah, I got it. Here, the character for a new game is featured in this gaming magazine. I just thought it was a feeling that I had seen something like this before but this character looks like you, Director. I mean the face, hmm, or maybe the aura? The posture or something like that. Somehow it’s not alike? It seems as though in this game you are able to change the character’s name to whatever you like, if we become close I wonder if I should change it to your name.

Boy Alice – Itaru and Tasuku Talk


Itaru:  Tasuku, don’t you play games?
Tasuku: Games….. I don’t play them a lot, but I often played Pro Evolution Soccer in the past.
Itaru: Seriously? They just released the new one.
Tasuku: Is that so?
Itaru: I was just about to play. If you like do you wanna play?
Tasuku:  Ahh. It might be good to play after such a long time.
Itaru: Okay. Well then, meet me in my room tonight.


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