[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Boy Alice in Wonderland Event – Masumi Usui Mini Conversation

Boy Alice – Part One


Masumi: Alice, huh…… If you were also performing then I would gladly play the White Rabbit. Of course you would play Alice. I want to chased by your Alice….. Instead of that I want to take you by the hand and go to Wonderland together. You would be absolutely cute, either palm-sized or 5 meters tall.

Boy Alice – Part Two

Masumi: Just now, after practice, I had my costume fitted. How about the hem, and how about the waistline….. Yuki is small and loud. He was saying stuff I didn’t really get like “Your build is good and it pisses me off.” Well,  after it was adjusted it did get easier to move and it felt right. Hey, what do you think about my build? If you like guys who are taller, from now on I’ll drink two liters of milk everyday.

Boy Alice – Part Three


Masumi: Sigh…… I love you so much it hurts. Even if I say it a hundred times or a thousand times, it’s never enough. Just saying it isn’t enough, so I thought about writing a love letter, but when I start to write I don’t have enough pages. I don’t know how I can express my feelings to you….. For now,  so I can express these feelings would it be okay to hold you, even if it’s just for a bit? Is that no good? Or do you mean it’s not good to do it in the hallway?

Boy Alice – Masumi and Azuma Talk


Azuma: Your bangs are getting a bit long, Masumi. Why don’t you try growing the back longer?
Masumi: Long hair….. would be annoying
Azuma: Is that so? You have such mysterious feeling about you, Masumi, that I thought that long hair would suit you. Even if you don’t grow your hair long, if you try changing your image you might be able to catch the eye of the person you’re interested in.
Masumi: ….! …..I’ll think about it.
Azuma: Fufu, You can come to me for advice anytime


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