[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Boy Alice in Wonderland Event – Sakuya Sakuma Mini Conversation

Boy Alice – Part One


Sakuya: My role is the Cheshire Cat, and I was wondering if I could adopt some cat-like behavior during the play. But, when I thought about trying it out the behavior of a  cat with such a mysterious feeling is difficult…. Something along the lines of rubbing your face with your paws or walking like a cat. Hmm, it’s best to observe the real thing after all. All right, from today onward I’ll stop at Velvet Way on my way back from school and I’ll try studying Mike and Kuro’s behavior!

Boy Alice – Part Two


Sakuya: Last night while I was looking through the script, I was thinking of different ways I could say my lines. Then Azuma-san said “How about a change of pace?” and recommended a coloring book to me.  I thought that coloring the delicate patterns seemed difficult but as I started to paint, it was interesting and I colored it in a daze. It was fun while talking to Azuma-san and after I finished coloring I felt refreshed. I wonder if it was a combination of the coloring along with Azuma-san’s smile? It’s amazing!

Boy Alice – Part Three


Sakuya: What kind of plays and scenes in them do you like, Director? I’m always only talking about my favorite plays   …. so would you please tell me you’re favorite works? I’d like to try practicing lines from your favorite scenes. So if I’m able to reach the point where I can perform those scenes well, would you judge it as the best. I want to able to perform them so well that you would think of it as the best you’ve ever seen.

Boy Alice – Sakuya and Homare Talk


Sakuya: Good morning!
Homare: Morning, Sakuya-kun. …..Oh? Your tie is out of place.
Sakuya: Ah, it really is! Thank you. Your tie always looks cool, Homare-san!
Homare: Of course. It’s something a gentlemen should know. There many different ways of tying a tie.
Sakuya: Really?! I don’t even know one way.
Homare: I’ll teach you this time. I hope that you will follow my example, Sakuya-kun, and aim to be a fine gentlemen.
Sakuya: Y-yes, I’ll try my best! Thank you very much!


3 thoughts on “[Translation]A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Boy Alice in Wonderland Event – Sakuya Sakuma Mini Conversation

  1. aeramillenia

    Hello~ Thanks for the translations as always! I was wondering if you plan on doing the current event story? It’s got my best boy Masumi in it,I’ve been trying to read it but,unlike the main story,its not voiced so its much harder for me to understand. If you need screenshots or something I’d gladly supply,I just really wanna know what’s happening T_T


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