[Info] Tsukino Paradise PV Released + Pre-Registration Campaign Guide


Just in case you missed here is the PV for the upcoming mobile game Tsukino Paradise!

Pre-Registration Campaign

Please pre-register for the game here!!!

The prize for bonus for 50,000 pre-registrations has been reached

The bonus will be 50 Tsukino Jewels and 1 Special Gacha Ticket.

The bonus for 70,000 and 120,000 pre-registrations has not been reached.

70,000 bonus is 50 more Tsukino Jewels

120,000 bonus is another 50 Tsukino Jewels and another Special Gacha Ticket.

Pre-Registration Guide

After clicking this link here

click on either the grey button if you are using an iOS

or the green Button for Andriod

From this point you can click the blue button to register via Twitter

You can then authorize BNE Apps Pre-Registration to use your account.

The next page will automatically generate a tweet in Japanese saying that you have pre-register for TsukiPara and a link so others can too! Press the blue button to send 🙂

If you don’t want to allow access to your twitter or you want to register twice you can click the red button to pre-register via email

A page will open with a text box to write your e-mail in. (Any email address with an underscore _ a double hyphen — or continuous dots .. cannot be used)

At the bottom of the page is a tick-able box. This is to receive regular email updates about the game. So tick that if you like.

Then click the red button at the bottom and they will send you an email and the pre-registration is complete



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