[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Prologue – Chapter 6

Last Chance


???: “………Haa. There weren’t any places that had what I needed.”

Heroine: “!!”

Heroine: (That guy was looking for a troupe this afternoon. I’m sure he was asking about a troupe with a dorm!)

Heroine: “Hey! Weren’t you interested in joining a troupe with a dorm!?”

???: “Huh? What, you’re from this afternoon…..”

Heroine: “Back then you said you were looking for a troupe to join, right? Have you found one yet?”

???: “No, not yet…. Do you know a theater that has a dorm?”

Manager: “Makani Company! We’re from Makani Company! Makai Company is equipped with a dorm and we provide two meals daily!”

???: “Two meals a day…….?”

Heroine: “That’s right! How about it?”

Masumi: “Who’s this?”

Heroine: “New member candidate.”

Masumi: “Even though I just joined?”

Heroine: “It’s still not enough.”

Masumi: “So anyone is fine for you……. You’re too easy.”

Heroine: “Don’t say bad things about people!”

Masumi: “If I’m here it’s fine, right?”

Heroine: “Be quiet for a second, Masumi-kun. Don’t mind this guy, so won’t you please consider joining the troup? ”

???: “Is it okay that I have no experience?”

Sakuya: “I was also inexperienced when I joined. Let’s do our best together!”

Manager: “I started theater eight years ago but even now I’m inexperienced like you too!”

Heroine: (I have my doubts about that….)

???: “Also, it’s my dream to be a playwright, so I want to try writing scripts instead of being a actor…..”

Manager: “Right now we have a vacancy so there is no problem with that!”

Heroine: (It certainly can’t be any worse than the current script….)

Heroine: “Well then, how about an actor in addition to being a playwright?”

???: “Okay. I look forward to working with you!”

Manager: “Yay-!”

???: “I’m Minagi Tsuzuru.”

Heroine: “Nice to meet you, Tsuzuru-kun!”

Sakuya: “I look forward to working with you from now on!”

Masumi: “Even I could write a screenplay….”

Heroine: “It’s not a competition!”

Heroine: “The sun’s already setting. We have to hurry back to the theater!”

Tsuzuru: “Huh? We’re running?”

Heroine: “I’ll explain on the way! For now just run!”

Tsuzuru: “There’s got to be a problem…..”

Masumi: “I got it. I’ll follow you.”

Sakuya: “Let’s hurry!”

Manager: “Haa, haa, haa……”

Heroine: “We only just started running and you’re exhausted, Manager!”

Furuichi: “Oh, so you didn’t run away?

Sakuya:  “Haa, haa…… Somehow we made it on time, right!?”

Manager: “Haaahaaa, new…… Haaaahaaa, members…… Haaahaaa.”

Tsuzuru: “You should take it easy, Manger.”

Heroine: “Haa, Haa, we brought new members!”

Masumi: “…..We’re here.”

Furuichi:”And just by the skin of your teeth… You guys sure are lucky.”

Manager: “T-then, with this the theater …….?”

Heroine: “Thank goodness.”

Furuichi: “What are you relived about? I only said that I would hold off for today if you were able to gather members. It’s as I explained this afternoon, you won’t be able to keep the theater running by adding two new members.”

Manager: “What!”

Heroine: “No…..”

Masumi: “We’re already disbanding?

Tsuzuru: “The problem is way too severe.”

Manager: “Even though it seemed like we would be able to make a newborn Spring Troupe…… It was pointlessness after all…….. You’re a monster for raising our hopes and then squashing them…..”

Furuichi: “Newborn Spring Troupe?”

Manager: “That’s right! If we were are able to get enough members we could have put on a performance for the Newborn Spring Troupe but…..!”

Furuichi:  “How long would it take to ready a performance for this newborn Spring Troupe?”

Manager: “What? Umm, how long would it take, Director?”

Heroine: “What!? Me? ……Hmmm, supposing if everyone helped to ready the performance, and built up experience by practicing from a solid foundation, it would take about half a year…..”

Furuichi: “You think I will wait for that?”

Heroine: “But everyone only has a bit of experience. That much time is necessary.”

Furuichi: “Next month.”

Heroine: “Huh?”

Furuichi: “If you bet your life on it and work hard you can put on a performance during the next month.”

Heroine: “Next month? Doesn’t that mean we only have a month to prepare!? That’s impossible!”

Manager: “Demon! Devil! Why are you tormenting us bit-by-bit? Is this super sadist personality of yours a bid for popularity?”

Furuichi: “I don’t know why your spewing out false accusations. I just said I’ll give you a special last chance. If you meet the three requirements that I tell you, the loan will be payed off completely.”

Heroine: “Requirements?”

Heroine: (At that time I didn’t know it — Crisis and difficulties to awaited me in the future. With many encounters and excitement…… And I would see with my own eyes many actors begin to bloom. At that time that was still far beyond my wildest dreams)

To be continued…

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