[Info] GARM STRUGGLE White Day Event + Gacha

White Day ♥ Return Gift of Love Card Gacha

The cards are available until maintenance on the 3/22

Kuga Rin

“…….. I want to depend on you.”

Hiiro Aran

“Did you eat the cake? That’s why you are always my prisoner.”

Adashino Kiori

“…….Could you…… Close your eyes? Otherwise I won’t hand this over…..”

Nukuhi Sotaroh

“Could I get a kiss from you this time. Of course, here…… please?” 

Sumeragi Mao 

“………Come here a bit. I’m going to pamper you today……”

Costume Gacha

White Day Bingo

Get a White Day card for each of the characters for completing bingo.

Bingo runs until maintenance on the 3/22

Missions on the Valentines bingo board:

  1. Clear the Quest “White Day” 3 times
  2. Get a chain of 20 pink spheres
  3. Pull from the costume gacha 2 times  (normal or premium)
  4. Take down 5 red ghosts
  5. Read 3 stories
  6. Pull from the card gacha 4 times (normal or premium)
  7. Get an 8x combo
  8. Tap on Makiro and do the Omikuji 5 times

White Day Quest

Clear the quest for the first time to receive a White Day card

Login Bonus

There will be a special login bonus for White Day! You have a chance to get some wonderful items! ♥


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