[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Prologue – Chapter 5

Until Sunset


Sakuya: “Ha ha……”

Manager: “Director, what’s the next challenge……?”

Heroine: “O-Oh yeah, umm…”

Heroine: (Nobody is gathering over here even after all that. Sakuya is tired too, so I wonder if it would be better to change locations.)

Young Man in the Audience: “…….”

Heroine: “?”

Heroine: (I can feel him staring at me)

Young Man in the Audience: “…….”

Heroine: (He has a beautiful face. Now that I think about it, I feel like he has been watching this while time. I wonder if he is perhaps interested in theater.)

Heroine: “…..Excuse me, are you interested in theater?”

Young Man in the Audience: “–“

Heroine: “You’ve been watching this whole time, right?”

Young Man in the Audience: “Ah….. Eh……”

Heroine: (I wonder what’s wrong. He looks worried……)

Sakuya: “Huh? Masumi-kun? It’s Usui Masumi-kun, right?”

Heroine: “Do you know him, Sakuya-kun?”

Sakuya: “We’ve never talked but he’s an underclassman at my school.”

Masumi: “Who are you?”

Sakuya: “Oh…. He doesn’t know me after all.”

Heroine: “Umm, Masumi-kun? If you’re interested in theater, why don’t have a shot at joining this troupe?”

Masumi: “Are you a part of this troupe?”

Heroine: “Umm, I’m just helping out…..”

Masumi: “……So you’re not a member?”

Manager: “What are you talking about, Director!? Aren’t you the supervisor-cum-general director!?”

Heroine: “No, that was just part of acting in the scene–”

Heroine: (More than that, rather than being just a director, the title is becoming more exaggerated)

Manager: “You don’t have to be so humble, Director! Oh, you’re in the middle of directing-!”

Heroine: (I have a feeling that he’s trying to casually push this on me.)

Masumi: “If you’re in the troupe…. I’ll join.”

Heroine: “Huh!?”

Manager: “Yay! We got someone!”

Sakuya: “Really? Masumi-kun!? You’re going to join!?”

Masumi: “What’s it matter to you.”

Sakuya: “T-That may be true, but I’m glad!”

Heroine: (What should I do…..? I haven’t even decided to join the troupe yet.But, he’s a valuable new member, and deceiving him like that is bad but, I’ll keep quiet for now. )

Heroine: “Well then, sorry to ask this right away, but could you join in on the street act?”

Masumi: “What should I do?”

Heroine: “You just have to match the conversation with something that fits and it’ll be fine.”

Masumi: “I got it.”

Heroine: (This guy surprisingly picks up on things fast. He has good intuition and is beautiful to boot, he might be good!)

Masumi: “Is this good?”

Heroine: “Huh?”

Masumi: “Does it feel alright?”

Heroine: “Y-Yeah, it’s good, so keep going.”

Masumi: “I got it.”

Masumi: “…..How about now?”

Heroine: “You don’t have to ask every time because you’re doing fine!”

Heroine: (He’s a bit of a weird guy, but he seems like he has promise.)

Heroine: (This is bad. The sun is going to set…..)

Manager: “We’ve run out of time, haven’t we.”

Sakuya: “NO–!”


Masumi: “What’s out of time?”

Heroine: (What should we do? As it is the theater will be shut down! Even though we went through the trouble of getting Masumi to join….. Somehow we have to do something….. Just one more person, somebody–)

To be continued…

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4 thoughts on “[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Prologue – Chapter 5

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  2. Oh yeah! Got the chapter finished a lot quicker this time! To be fair it was a lot shorter than the previous chapters, but I’m still happy about it! Next chapter is a little bit longer so it may take some more time (also I’m back at uni this week, but hopefully that shouldn’t slow down posting too much)

    As for the chapter, I’m really glad a new guy has entered the story! I actually wanted to see how the street act dialogue went but unfortunately they cut away 😦 Masumi needed constant reassurance from the heroine was pretty cute though 🙂

    Also, thanks to everyone who has been reading my translations, and especially everyone who has followed the blog, and those who have been commenting on and liking the posts! It really motivates me to keep up the translations! Thank you ❤


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