[Info] GARM STRUGGLE Hinamatsuri Event + Gacha

New “Philia” SR Cards

The cards in the “Philia” cards come with a new story  for the characters when fully evolved.

We are struggling with our obsessions (philia)….

The reason we are eroding

 Gacha Update

Hinamatsuri Costume

Nibulus Researcher Outfits

Hinamatsuri Bingo

Get special Hinamatsuri Sweets for completing bingo.

The event runs until maintenance on the 3/7

Missions on the Hinamatsuri bingo board:

  1. Tap on Makiro and do the Omikuji 3 times
  2. Pull from the card gacha 4 times (normal or premium)
  3. Clear the quest “Hinamatsuri with you” 3 times
  4. Get an 8x combo
  5. Clear the quest “Amusement Park 3” once
  6. Pull from the costume gacha 2 times  (normal or premium)
  7. Take down 4 purple ghosts
  8. Get a chain of 20 yellow spheres

Hinamatsuri Quest

Clear the quest for the first time to receive the special Hinamatsuri Sweets


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