[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Prologue – Chapter 4

Street Act


Manager: “Oh, Yukio-san’s daughter is a goddess! You’re certainly our saviour from heaven. With this you’ve saved the troupe! And did you see that guy’s face just now? His temple was twitching.  Pupupu.”

Heroine: (H-His attitude completely changed from before……)

Heroine: “I’m sorry for getting your hopes up but from here on out we have to find new members!”

Manager: “Huh!? But you said that you had Yukio-san’s notes and connections …..”

Heroine: “That was a bluff to make it through that situation.”

Manager: “What!?”

New Troupe Member: “That was a lie!?”

Heroine: ( When they say straight like that my chest hurts a little bit….)

Heroine: “R-Rather than lying it was more like acting. Something like a street act…..”

Manager: “That’s….. Well then, what about new members…..”

Heroine: “I don’t know of any.”

Manager: “Huhhhhhh……”

New Troupe Member: “Is the theater going to be shut down after all…?”

Heroine: “So that doesn’t happen, I have no choice but to look for new members even if it kills me.”

Manager: “Something like that is impossible now~!”

Heroine: “We wont know if it’s impossible or not if we don’t try!”

Manager: “It’s impossible. All the past member are gone and in the end we’ve only had one new member join….. We aren’t popular in the slightest and the theater has a terrible reputation…… How are we meant to get someone to join the troupe now…I don’t know if this will work.”

Heroine: (…………He’s getting on my nerves a bit.)

New Troupe Member: “Um, I don’t know what I could do but please let me help! I don’t want the theater, that I had to go through so much trouble to enter, to disappear. It’s better that not doing anything!”

Heroine: (Compared to the manager he’s a good kid….!)

Heroine: “Look, just like this guy just said, umm, I’m sorry but what’s your name?”

Sakuya: “I’m Sakuma Sakuya! Like a blooming flower!”

Heroine: “Sakuya-kun, huh. Nice to meet you!”

Sakuya: “Nice to meet you too!”

Heroine: “Look, the new member, Sakuya is doing his best, so could the manager also please be a bit more dependable.”

Manager: “Urgh…. Okay. At best it’s hopeless but I’ll give it a go.”

Heroine: (This person really is frustrating.)

Sakuya: “So, how should we search for new members?”

Manager: “Distribute flyers or something?”

Heroine: “Hmm, even if we randomly call out to people it seems like the results will be low…..”

Heroine: (A way to quickly gather people who are interested in theater…..Rather than one person just shouting, something that will gather the public’s attention right away…..)

Heroine: “Oh yeah! How about doing a street act? It is publicity for the troupe and it should gather people that are interested in theater.”

Sakuya: “I see! That’s sounds great! I’ve never done a street act before, but it’s improvisational theater…..An etude. The content is random, right?”

Heroine: “I think it’s better if you decide on a theme to some extent. This time let’s do a street act that will convey the the merits of the troupe!”

Sakuya: “The troupe’s merits……”

Heroine: “Manager, are there any merits to joining this troupe?”

Manager: “Let me think about it……. There’s a dorm for the members and every morning and night members can sink their teeth into meals that i put my all into.”

Heroine: “New troupe members might not have a lot of income, so lowering living expenses is a considerable merit.”

Sakuya: “Umm, that certainly is a merit …..”

Heroine: (? He’s not good at expressing himself.)

Manager: “Also there is a dedicated theater, so there will be no problem in finding a place to practice!”

Heroine: “Uh-huh, well then, let’s include those details in our street act. First of all let’s work out characters for the three of us. Manger you will play the manger and I’ll play the director. Sakukya-kun, you will play a man who has come to audition to be a troupe member. Let’s make the scene the middle of the audition.”

Sakuya: “Okay!”

Manager: “As expected of Yukio-san’ daughter. You’re used to this sort of stuff.”

Heroine: “I was also in a troupe so I’ve also done street acts before .”

Manager: “Oh, is that so? Well experience certainly makes a difference~.”

Sakuya: “You’re so reliable!”

Heroine: (I was able to come up with a plan, but from here on out…… Well, I have no choice but to do it.)

Manager: “Yo! I’m the manger of the Mankai theatrical company. We will be starting an audition on the street now.”

Heroine: (I enter the scene after the self-introduction…… That reminds me, that performance also began like this. It was that person’s script……)

Manager: “Now then, without delay is our first person. Please give us your name and self-introduction!

Sakuya: “Y-Yes! I’m first! I’m Sakuma Sakuya! I’m 17! My hobby is practicing lines from my favorite plays by the river, and my special skill is remembering people’s names and faces!”

Manager: “Why do you want to join our troupe?”

Sakuya: “From the beginning I was interested in acting, but by chance I saw that this troupe was recruiting live-in members, so I took the plunge and applied!”

Manager: “Oh, I see!”

Heroine: (They’re really doing great….By any chance, did they also not do an interview.)

Manager: “Well then, director, please give the enrollment challenge!”

Heroine: “Huh!?  U-Uhh, umm, that’s right, well, I’ll announce the enrollment challenge now!”

Heroine: (It’s no good. My voice is too high pitched, and I’m speaking in a monotone …….)

Passerby A: “That’s horrible”

Passerby B: “What’s that? A punishment game?”

Passerby A: “Isn’t this some kind of set up?”

Heroine: “……”

Heroine: (I really am no good after all…..)

Sakuya: “Director? What’s wrong?”

Heroine: “I’m sorry. I was in a theater troupe but no matter how much I practiced I was too much of a ham actor and I wasn’t used as a real actor.”

Sakuya: “Please don’t call yourself a ham actor!”

Manager: “Even if you’re a ham actor, I believe in you.”

Heroine: “You guys….. I’m not going to complain anymore. Let’s give it our best shot and see how it goes!”

Sakuya: “Yes!”

Manager: “It’s useless anyway so it doesn’t matter if you’re no good!”

Heroine: (The manager is somehow both positive and negative. I just don’t get him…..)

Heroine: “Let’s do our best!”


Young Man in the Audience: “……..”

To be continued…

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Translation notes:

Pupupu – a strange way of laughing

Like a blooming flower – Sakuya contains the kanji 咲 which means to bloom.

Ham actor – someone who overacts too much (In Japanese it’s actually radish (daikon)


7 thoughts on “[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Prologue – Chapter 4

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  2. Sorry if this took awhile to come out! I was almost finished but I have to move house, so I had to deal with that before finishing this chapter. Sorry!!

    The most interesting part of this chapter would have to be the heroine dealing with being a failed actor. It’s very sad when you try your best but you don’t get any where 😦 but hey she has like 20 hot guys to spend her time with in the future so it’s not that bad of a trade off!!

    There are two more chapter left for the prologue so I going to try and get them done ASAP!! I’m really excited for the rest of the cast to join!!


  3. aeramillenia

    Yes! It’s my boi Masumi!!! Oh man,I am so looking forward to the next episodes!
    The heroine is actually not good at acting,so I wonder why exactly did he fall in love at first sight? Looks? Her doing her best? I dunno…. Regardless,he’s a sweet stalker child lolol Can’t wait to see his insane lines translated!
    Oh and,instead of the passerby saying “That’s mean” its better to say “That’s horrible” or something,it fits better.
    Also do you know what this line means –“That reminds me, that performance also began like this. It was that person’s script.” I wonder who’s she’s referring to?
    The manager makes me want to punch him in the face too…
    Anyways,thanks for the translations!!


    1. Thanks for commenting!!

      Thank you for the suggestion, I have changed the line! I kind of had a mind blank on that line and re-wrote a few times but “That’s horrible” makes a lot more sense!!

      I’m not too sure what she is referring to in the “That reminds me, that performance also began like this. It was that person’s script.” I assume she is thinking about someone from her former troupe, maybe?


      1. aeramillenia

        OK,no worries! Hmm,I read a lot of the story but I still can’t figure out who she’s referring to(I didn’t exactly know the meaning of that line till you translated,because I have a hard time understanding Japanese without the voice acting to help,why do they never voice the main characters dammit)
        Buuuuut,it could be her father or something,maybe.
        And hey cool,someone actually used my suggestion XD


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