[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Sparkling Showtime – UK ROCK Chapter 3

Heroine: “Hmm,  I wonder if we should post them up around here. It’s all thanks to Kuwakado- senpai that we were able to make these great posters right away.”


Amane Keito: “If you’re finished putting up posters hurry on to the next thing. I just want to hurry up and get this over and done with.”

Heroine: “Y-Yeah, you’re right. ….We are somehow getting through this, but I wonder if the band practice is going okay?”

Hirose Kai: “Wow! Amazing, so this is Vanitas’ studio!”

Kitagawa Shota: “Too bad Shu couldn’t come~! Well, it can’t really be helped since he said he’s busy with his work as a model~.”

Watase Chisato: “It’s fine if you guys get exited but try to not touch the equipment too much.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Ohh, we’ll be careful~!”

Hirose Kai: “Kagami-senpai! Please teach me all about vocals! I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU!”

Kagami Saku: “Ah, uh, I got it. If you want me to teach you something you all you have to do is ask.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Hey Rinto, your guitar is just too cool~! And it’s even cooler when you play it, Rinto~!”

Shinkai Rinto: “…………….”

Watase Chisato: “Haa………… It’s a pain to be in charge of all these members at once…. I’m getting a headache….. I wonder if it always feels like this for Saku…..”

Negoto Arashi: “But, now that you’ve accepted it you have to go through with it, right?”

Watase Chisato: “I know. Well then, let’s start practice.”

Kitagawa Shota: “You’re lending me a guitar from the studio but what do I do? Hey Rinto, could play some scales to show me?”

Shinkai Rinto: “……Practice on your own.”

Watase Chisato:  “Somehow grasping the image is important, right? Just play for him.”

Shinkai Rinto: “…………Haa, just for a bit…….. …………..”

Kitagawa Shota: “……Oh! I know this song! They’re a good band. I really like them~!”

Shinkai Rinto: “Really? I also….. I also really like them.”

Kitagawa Shota: Even though I really wanted to talk about their new song  I didn’t know anyone who liked them. I’m itching to talk about it!”

Shinkai Rinto: “I always check out their new songs properly! So this song is一”

Watase Chisato: (That’s a rare sight….. Rinto obediently playing for someone…. Who knew there could be such a thing….)

Kagami Saku: “You’ve got a great voice, Hirose. I understand why you were chosen to be a member.”


Hirose Kai: “Really!? Being praised by you is the best feeling in the world, Kagami-senpai!! I really love singing, and lately I’ve been going to karaoke with Shota!”

Kagami Saku: “The harmony feels good. After this how about we get Hirose to sing along with instruments.”

Chisato Watase: “Okay, let’s try running through it once.”

Chisato Watase: (Haa…. Both Kitagawa and Hirose are doing great but…. The sound isn’t harmonizing….. I do think that the atmosphere has improved compared to before but…. I wonder what I should do…..)

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2 thoughts on “[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Sparkling Showtime – UK ROCK Chapter 3

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  2. Very happy to have finished this chapter!! I really love how upbeat Kitagawa and Hirose are!! They make it fun 🙂

    Next on my schedule is the next A3 chapter!! I’ve already started and it should be up soon!


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