[Info] GARM STRUGGLE Valentines Event + Gacha

Valentine’s Gacha

The cards in the valentine’s gacha come with new voice lines for the characters and a story when fully evolved.


Kuga Rin

“……….You taste sweet”


Hiiro Aran

“That’s no good. More….. You have to taste it properly…..”


Adashino Kiori

“Since you made me lonely, will you spoil me lots?”


Nukuhi Sotaroh

“……Huh? It’s sweet and delicious, just like I said, right?” 


Sumeragi Mao 

“That chocolate’s for me, right? Feed it to me just like that…..”

Valentine’s Bingo

Get Valentine’s card for each of the characters for completing bingo.

The event runs until maintenance on the 2/21

Missions on the Valentines bingo board:

  1. Clear the Quest “Neighbourhood Investigation 3” once
  2. Make 15 blue chains
  3. Pull from the costume gacha 3 times
  4. Get a 6x combo
  5. Clear the quest “Key Collecting” once
  6. Clear the quest “Valentine’s Night” once
  7.  Clear the quest “Get Jewels” 3 times
  8. Tap on Makiro and do the Omikuji 3 times

Valentines Quest

Clear the quest for the first time to recieve Mao’s Valentines card

Birthday Event

On the 17th there will be a special event gacha for Rin’s Birthday. The drop rate of all his cards and costumes will increase in the gacha.


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