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Starting Up

When you open the app for the first time a message will come up.This message is asking if it’s okay to download the additional data needed for the game. Press the red button to agree.

After the download is complete another screen will pop-up. This is the terms and conditions. Press the button on the left to agree.

The next screen is the name input screen.

The first category is the name of the main character in the game (5 characters max). Other users cannot see this name.

The second category is nickname (8 characters max). This is the name your friends will see and it can be changed later.

The 3 category is birthday. Other users cannot see this and it cannot be changed later. The first box is month and the second is day. When you finish entering these details press OK.

The next screen is a confirmation screen for the details you just input. Press yes to start the game.

The prologue will automatically play after this.

A message will open telling you that you have first story is now available and then a screen explaining keys will popup. To continue the game you must unlock the first story and watch it.


Keys and energy are necessary for reading stories.

Energy automatically regenerates over time but neither items or jewels will recover.

The different types of keys are:

Story Key – unlocks the normal story

Crimson Key – unlocks Mao’s story

Blue Key – unlocks Sotaroh’s story

Yellow Key – unlocks Kiori’s story

Pink Key – unlocks Aran’s story

Purple Key – unlocks Rin’s story

Story Screen

The story screen is made up of 4 options.

The first one is the main story.

The second option is Special Story. Special stories become available when certain requirements are met.

The third option is Costume Story. Costume stories become available when you get a costume that has a story.

The forth option is Card Story. When a card with a story gets it’s final evolution the story becomes available.

Home Screen


Just a quick overview of the home screen. Further information is provided under sub-headings.

Menu – access the menu screen

Presents – Collect presents

Mail – Information about events and updates for the game

Sweets – Give sweets to the home-screen character to unlock voice lines

Makiro Omikuji – You can tap on Makiro once a day to pick a card and receive a bonus!



Profile –  You can change your details on this page and views things such as your user id, rank, energy and amount of cards.

Items box – View the items you have and how many. Items include keys and sweets.

Library- you can view stills from the main, special, and costume stories. You can view your cards too.

Character profiles – you can view the character’s profiles. I have already translated them here.

Mission –  View the Bingo Missions – there is a tab to switch between the daily bingo and event bingo

Options – This let’s you change the sounds options; voice, BGM and SE

Friends – The four options in Friends are: Friends List – view your fiends, Find Friends – invite randoms to be your friend, Find Friend ID – find friend by their friend ID, and Friend Approval – approve any incoming friend requests

Tutorials – View the tutorials that popped up when you opened a new section of the game.

Terms of service – View the terms and conditions of service

Other – view other information such as the copyrights and game system info

Bingo Missions

Get items by completing missions on the bingo board

Daily Bingo

(I don’t know if they change day to day so I’m going to hold of on translating them until tomorrow!!)

Event Bingo

By doing clearing the bingo board you can receive event cards  and other items. (I’ll add more info on my event posts)


There a few different types of gacha in Garm Struggle. There is the Card Gacha and the Costume Gacha. There is a Premium and a Normal version of both. The normal gacha uses friend points and the highest rarities are HN and R. The premium gacha uses jewels and the highest rarity is HR and SR.

(You can change between the costume and card gacha by pressing the arrow next to “Premium”)


You can get cards from the card gacha (normal and premium). Cards give your characters experience. The more cards you get, the more experience you get and your character will level up. If you get two of the same card, it will automatically evolve. When certain cards are fully evolved a story will become available.


In the closet you can dress up your character’s avatars in different outfits. These costumes can add extra HP, strength and skills. You tap on the character that you want to change and then tap on the type of clothing you want to change. You can remove what your character is wearing by holding on the avatar on stage. There is a cost for wearing a costume and you cannot go over your total amount, but your total cost will increase as you level up. You wont be able to receive costumes if your closet is full but you will gain more slots as you level up. You can also sell costumes or buy slots in the shop. You can get costumes for the avatars in the game from the costume gacha  (normal and premium). If costume has a story it will have an icon and the story will become available in the story section.


The two options on the Quest Screen are “Area Map” And “Character Organisation Screen”.

Character Organisation Screen – View you team. The character you choose as the leader will appear on the home screen.

Area Map – This is where you battle in events and play maps to further progress in the story (by unlocking keys).

Assist – Choose a friend and their character will assist you when you play. You will both also receive friend points.

Bonuses– Before playing you can spend gold to get some bonuses.

The bonuses are:


Puzzle Battle – Battle involves matching 3 or more of the same colour spheres to create a chain. If you repeatedly form chains made up of the same colour you can build up a combo. The character with the corresponding colour attacks. The pink gauge at the top of the screen represent HP and when it hits zero it’s game over.

During the puzzle help spheres may appear and you can tap them to activate:



In the shop you can buy jewels. Also in the shop you can use jewels to buy sweets, energy, sale sets, friend slots and closet slots.



2 thoughts on “[Guide] GARM STRUGGLE Guide

  1. This is my first time doing a game guide!! I hope it’s okay! I’m usually the sort of person who just looks up game guides (english games too) because I’m terrible at working out game systems…. So let it be know that this is not my area of expertise. Most of this is the in-game tutorial translated 🙂 That said, I will still try to help anyone that has any questions about the game. Also, if i have anything wrong or missed anything please let me know and I’ll fix it right away!

    If you need any guides for any newly released game I’ll be happy to help (as long as the game has bishounens!!)

    Thanks for reading 🙂


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