[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Prologue – Chapter 3

All-Out Recital

Heroine: “This set, it’s made of cardboard….. It’s looks like a school recital. I wonder if this is also one of their productions?”


New Troupe Member: “Umm, the stage position was here…”

Heroine: (Ah, someone’s up on stage.)

New Troupe Member: “….”

Heroine: (That guy said it was the new actor’s first time on stage…. I hope it goes well. He’s moving  a bit awkwardly )

New Troupe Member: “Hi, I’m Romeo Kadota! I’m a first year student in high school! I have unrequited feelings for a girl in my class! Oh, I wonder why that girl doesn’t like me. Even thought I like her!”

Heroine: (H-Hmm. The acting is a little plain but he’s most likely a new actor. I wonder what the other actors are like….)

New Troupe Member: “Oh no, look at the time! I have to go to school!”

Heroine: (D-Don’t tell me, this guy is going to continue the whole play by himself!?)

???: “Hey, wait up, Romeo.”

Heroine: (Finally, another actor is coming onstage…..)

Parrot: “You’re going to school, right. I’ll come along too.”

Heroine: (Is that a parrot!? What to do……. It’s taken on a whole new meaning but I have no idea if it’s interesting.)

Furuichi: “Sigh…..”

Heroine: (If it wasn’t for this person here, I would l probably let out a sigh too.)

New Troupe Member: “All right! I’m going to see her!”

Heroine: (This guy, even though there were only a few people in the audience, he isn’t discouraged at all. It looks like his nerves are gradually calming. He’s cheerful, and you can’t help but feel the fun he’s having up on stage.)

New Troupe Member: “Thank you very much!”

Heroine: (Oh, it’s finished now.)

Furuichi: “That had a terrible script.”

Heroine: “H-Hmm…”

Heroine: (But, that guy looked so happy. I remember that feeling from the first time I stood up on stage. It was absolutely fun and dream-like, and it ended before I could even understand it. Even though that guy seems especially motivated, it’s such a waste. I want to make him an ever better actor on an even better stage.)

Furuichi: “Well, should I demolish it?”

Heroine: “What!? Are you a monster, wanting to demolish it after watching that guy try his best in that play?”

Furuichi: “Try his best?”

Heroine: “That’s right. He’s still inexperienced but he  was able to convey his feelings.”

Furuichi: “If I wanted to watch someone try their best I’d go to a school recital. Is this just a school recital or something? A place to show off you hard work? People pay money to come to places like this to be entertained.”

Heroine: “That may be true, but that guy was truly trying his best….”

Furuichi: “In this world, things won’t go your way just because you put in effort.”

Heroine: “—”

Director: “Even if you put in the effort there is nothing you can do. Just give up already. You don’t have any talent as an actor.”

Furuichi: “I’m sure you already knew that, right? The likelihood of this theater surviving on Velvet Way is  not even one in a million.”

Heroine: “It’s true that the level of the theaters on Velvet Way is high, and that the level of this theater is interminably low but–”

Furuichi: “If that’s the case, then this conversation is over. This theater will be shut down.”

New Troupe Member: “What? The theater’s shutting down…..?”

Heroine: “Ah….”

New Troupe Member: “I’m sorry but I overheard you just now…. I only joined this troupe yesterday! I know that my acting isn’t good enough yet but I love the theater, so that’s why, please don’t shut it down!”

Furuichi: “I decline.”

New Troupe Member: “No!!”

Heroine: “But he asked you so desperately!”

Furuichi: “The shutting down of this theater has already been decided.”

Curly-haired Man: “Don’t shut us down!”

New Troupe Member: “Manager…..”

Heroine: (Huh, this curly-haired guy is the manager!?)

Manager: “I have to protect it at any cost!”

Furuichi: “I’m given you many chances, Matsukawa.  You’re the one who wasted all of them. There is no room for further negotiations.”

Manager: “But, but, there is the possibility that it will be popular like in the past.”

Furuichi: “Not possible.”

Heroine: “This place was popular in the past?”

Manager: “That’s right! When Yukio-san was here we always had a full house and there was even a line out the front for tickets.”

Heroine: “Yukio? When you say Yukio….. do you possibly mean Tachibana Yukio?”

Manager: “Do you know him?”

Heroine: “H-He’s my father….”

Manager: “You’re Yukio-san’s……. daughter!?”

Heroine: “The truth is I came here today to meet the person who wrote this letter.”

Manager: “I’m the one who wrote that!”

Heroine: “Then, you must be Matsukawa Isuke-san……?

Manager: “Yes. Did Yukio-san not come with you today?”

Heroine: “I haven’t heard from my father in six years, and he hasn’t returned home……”

Manager: “Haven’t heard from him……. Is that right?”

Heroine: “Don’t you know anything about my father?”

Manager: “He just suddenly vanished one day, and he hasn’t shown his face here since, and I also haven’t been able to get in touch with him.”

Heroine: “No….”

Manager: “I thought that if  he had gone home then perhaps….”

Furuichi: “You’re still relying on that? Looks like your hope was misplaced. It’s already over.”

Heroine: “Isn’t a bit cruel to say it like that! Even though there might be some other way.”

Manager: “T-That’s right! Even if Yukio-san isn’t here, there might be other people who are willing help us out!”

Heroine: (Why are you glancing my way when you say that?)

Furuichi: “You don’t know anything about this theater, so you could easily think that.”

Heroine: “What do you mean?”

Furuichi: “This theater was used impudently by the troupe as their personal theater. Most troupes have their own theaters that they rent out to smaller troupes for performances and to hold their own performance in, but this troupe was different. Because the theater was equipped with a dorm, the maintenance alone cost a lot of money. In the theater’s golden age, six years ago, there were four units within the theater, Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. Every month these units would change up and the performance would switch to help increase earnings. Due to the units arrangement, there would constantly be performances, so the troupe as it is, is just not practical. ”

Heroine: (Four acting units called Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter? Come to think of it, I have a feeling that I heard my father talking about something like that when I was little…….)

Furuichi: “Despite all that, the only member of this troupe, besides this piece of crap manager, is a brat who says he only joined yesterday. It’s impossible to act by yourself. ”

Manager: “Haa…… I see.”

Furuichi: “No, you don’t see. You’re that manager, you should be the one aware of these things.”

Heroine: “You’re well-acquainted with this theater.”

Furuichi: “I investigate the situation when there is a debt.”

Manager: “That’s right. If we just need members, there is another feathered member–”

Kamikichi: “You can count on Kamikichi!”

Furuichi: “Birds don’t count.”

Manager: “So it was no good after all, huh……”

Furuichi: “Your postponement is over now. Sakoda!”

Sakoda: “Bro, you called!?”

Furuichi: “Do it.”

Sakoda: “Aye aye, sir!”

Manager: “No, this is too cruel!”

New Troupe Member: “I’m begging you! Please don’t shut us down!”

Heroine: (As it is, the theater will be shut down. My father’s theater will….)

Heroine:“Oh, oh, that’s right. I just remembered!”

Furuichi: “Huh?”

Heroine: “The truth is if anything was to happen to my father then this theater was to be entrusted to me.”

Manager: “Huh? Really!?”

Heroine: (I lied but I’ve already said it so I have no choice but to stick with it.)

Heroine: “H-Hey, you’re the manager, Matsukawa-san, so didn’t you hear something about this?”

Manager: “What!? No, not really.”

Heroine: “You heard something!?”

Heroine: (You have to go along with what I’m saying!)

Manager: “Come to think of it, it seems like I heard something like that…. right?”

Heroine: “So in short, if we gather enough member to fill the four units it will be fine. Isn’t that right, Yakuza-san?”

Furuichi: “Well, that what I meant.”

Heroine: “If that’s the case, then there’s no problem! I just have to bring in some new troupe members!

Manager: “Really!?”

Furuichi: “So, these new members you speak of, how many will there be, and when will you bring them? By no means can these members look like amateurs.”

Heroine: “Umm, one…… No two people. It will be fine. I have stage notes and connections from my father!”

Manager: “Yay! With this we will be able to save the theater!”

Heroine: (I don’t know if he’ll believe this kind of bluff……)

Furuichi: “……You have until sunset.”

Heroine: “Huh?”

Furuichi: “I’ll be waiting until sunset today. For you to bring some new members before me.”

Heroine: “You’re really going to wait……?”

Furuichi: “I won’t approve of any amateurs being used to fill up your numbers. ”

Manager: “I don’t need to worry! Now that Yukio-san’s daughter is here, we are at full strength!”

Heroine: (Even though there is no basis for it, this person has complete faith in me……)

Furuichi: “If you can’t do it, I’ll tear down the signboard.”

Heroine: “I-I understand! Let’s go, you guys”

Manager: “Aye aye, sir!”

New Troupe Member: “Y-Yes!”


Furuichi: “…… She’s a shitty actor. Completely different from Yukio-san, huh.”

Sakoda: “Bro, what are you going to do about the signboard?”

Furuichi: “You heard me,  we are on standby until sundown.”

Sakoda: “Aye aye, sir!”

To be continued

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7 thoughts on “[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Prologue – Chapter 3

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  2. Finally finished translating chapter 3! I’m sorry that it took so long. It was a really long chapter and there were a few other things I was working on at the same time as this one. Hopefully the next one comes out a little sooner 🙂

    on to my thoughts on the chapter…..

    Tbh, I was actually upset when I was reading this chapter because I get quiet emotional when people try their hardest in things. And the whole part where Sakuma was trying his best on stage had me tearing up lol. He tried really hard for his first day!! I’m super excited to get onto the next chapter and get recruiting some new members!!


  3. aeramillenia

    In my last comment,I had literally started the game,now I’m at level 48 and partly through the Winter Troupe’s arc! I can mostly understand the meaning,except for the nitty-gritty parts but yeah,I hope you keep translating this because its worth it! The stories are quite touching,and the cast is quite a colorful one,its fun!
    We’ll soon get to see my best boy,Masumi!!! Man,that boy sure is a riot with that personality….in a very unique sense. I liked him the moment I downloaded the game,because he was the first character to ‘talk’ at the loading screen,and I laughed my head off at his dialogue:”To be touched by you so much….I want to be reborn as a smartphone…”
    It just came out of the blue,and was so weird,and really didn’t fit the ‘cool and calm’ image I had of him XD
    Anyways,thanks for translating this! Really helps a lot!


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