[Translation] Cocktail Prince Character Profiles + Character Comics (Part One)

Tom Collins

CV: Takashi Kondō

A Flawless Perfect Prince

“As I thought, black tea is best left for the early morning. Would you also like a drink?”

Day Job: Idol

Height: 178cm

Hobbies: Horseback ridding, and collecting teacups

He is a man strong sense of responsibility and beliefs. He is good at studying languages, and is able to hold a conversation in five different languages. He is good at getting straight to the point. Rather than being a genius he is someone who puts in a lot of effort.



Salty Dog

CV: Jun’ya Enoki

A friendly and innocent puppy-like guy

“Hey hey, can I eat this? Huh, I can’t? Why, even though it looks so good…..?”

Day Job: Pet groomer

Height: 175cm

Hobbies: Napping

A dog-like guy. He is friendly, and loves to be patted on the head. He is full of fighting spirit, and is straight forward in showing his love. He is often laughing, crying or eating.When there is delicious food in front of him, his eyes sparkle.




CV: Takuya Eguchi

The absolute God Ore-sama type

“Hey, come give me a back rub.You can touch me. You don’t have to wash your hands.”

Day Job: ???

Height: 177cm

Hobbies: Chess

He is arrogant to an extreme extent and , essentially he looks down on everyone and he has absolute confidence in himself. He sticks to his sense of justice and he hates liars and cheaters. In a sense, he is upfront and honest. He is unable to speak with people about this.



Tequila Sunrise

CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki

 A hot-blooded older brother-type who is fired up for sports!

“Mornin’! The weather’s nice again today!! It’s great for playing sports!”

Day Job: Instructor

Height: 177cm

Hobbies: Sports

He’s always full of energy and he is the personification of effort, camaraderie and triumph. He has a loud voice. He loves moving about, and it’s in his sports-minded nature to take care of people, and he can’t leave dangerous people alone.




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2 thoughts on “[Translation] Cocktail Prince Character Profiles + Character Comics (Part One)

  1. Wow! I didn’t realize how hard type-setting a comic would be!! It took forever, but I really wanted to do these comics! I’ll post more profiles from cocktail prince in the days to come (when I get the time to do them)! Next thing I’ll post though will be the next story in the A3! prologue (Unless there is some news in the meantime). Please look forward to it!! Thanks for reading everyone 🙂


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