[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Sparkling Showtime – UK ROCK Chapter 2


Hirose Kai: “Oh, if it isn’t Amane! You finally came! You’re late!”

Amane Keito: “……………What’s this? I was told to come here to by homeroom teacher to talk about attendance.”

Heroine: “Really? But your name is on the member list for the performance battle. Ah, there is something written next to it. Umm…… You don’t have enough attendance day so it’s been recommended that you participate in school activities. …….But it looks like you are a support member along with me.”

Amane Keito: “Huh? What? I don’t accept that.”

Heroine: “But, it’s already been decided….. And if you don’t have enough attendance day, Amane-kun, won’t you be in trouble……”

Amane Keito: “This kind of thing is the worst. Not possible. I will never agree to participate.”

Heroine: “P-Please don’t say that…..  The support role is a just background job, and isn’t it better that you wouldn’t have to practice for a performance?

Amane Keito: “…………..Hmph………”

Heroine: “I’ll do any of the work you don’t like…. Okay? So let’s try our best together.”

Amane Keito: “…….Well, if you listen to what I say I’ll show up sometimes. I’ll be with you but I’m not doing anything.”

Heroine: “T-Thank you, Amane-kun……!”

Kagami Saku: “Sorry we’re late, but it looks like everyone is here now.”


Kagami Saku: “!? Huh, umm I look forward to it too. …. Haha, it’s great that you’re so lively, Hirose-kun. Well then, if everyone is here let’s hurry onto the main topic. For this performance………I want Chisato to be the producer.”

Watase Chisato: “Huh? Why do I have to……”

Negoto Arashi: “We decided on it in our meeting with Saionji just now. The motif for the performance is UK Rock. Chi-chan, you know all about it, right? I think that if you are the one doing the stage production then of course it’s going to be a good performance.”

Watase Chisato: “Well I certainly like UK Rock but…… Even if you leave the production to me…..”

Heroine: “Watase-kun, if you’re the producer then it seems like it will be an authentic UK Rock live, and be really cool….. I’d look forward to it!

Kagami Saku: “She’s asking too, so please, Chisato. Since Vanitas will be on stage I want to give best performance possible. ”

Watase Chisato: “…………………Haa……. I get it. I’ll give it a go.”

Heroine: “Good luck, Watase-kun! I’ll also do the best I can supporting everyone. Well then, I have to quickly prepare the advertising posters and the costumes. Amane-kun, shall we go?”


Amane Keito: “Ha? Why do I have to go? Didn’t  I make my thoughts on the matter clear?

Heroine:“I’m planning on going to consult with Kuwakado-senpai from the art club… Is that no good?”

Amane Keito: “Why are you asking him? Didn’t I say just before, I’m not doing anything.”

Heroine: “Yeah! It’s okay, I get it. Well, shall we go straight there?

Hirose Kai: “British Rock is freaking cool! Shota, I’m really looking forward to this!”

Kitagawa Shota: “I know right, Kai! I wonder how this will turn out~!”

Shinkai Rinto: “……Chisato, are we really doing this event?”

Watase Chisato: “We’ve come this far so there’s no helping it. It may seem tough but try your best Rinto.”

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