[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Prologue – Chapter 1

The Sacred Place of Theaters

Heroine: (Umm, I wonder where the location of theater was. I’m sure there’s a map on the flyer.)

Heroine: “…..The Mankai Theatre.”

Heroine: (It seems to be at the end of Velvet Way. I’ll try going there for now. So this is the sacred place of theaters’ Velvet Way….. I heard that I came here as a child, but I don’t remember at all. I mean I have heard about it, but it really is full of theaters. I have to make sure I don’t miss the sign……)


Sick Looking Man: “Urghh…..”

Heroine: “?”

Heroine: (He’s bent over. I wonder if he’s feeling sick?)

Heroine: “Um, are you okay?”

Sick Looking Man: “I-I’m fine…..”

Heroine: (You don’t look fine at all…..)

???: “Is something the matter?”

Heroine: “Ah, this person is bent over , so I called out to them but–”

Sick Looking Man: “I really am fine……”

Impatient Youth: “Tasuku!”

Heroine: “?”

Heroine: (I wonder if he knows this person?)

Tasuku: “Haruto….”

Haruto:“You can’t just leave the hospital!”

Heroine: “Huh?”

Tasuku: “Because, if I don’t do this now, before long I won’t be able to leave the hospital again.”

Heroine: (This looks like a somewhat complicated conversation, but it seems a little off.)

???: “Umm….”

Passerby A: “Oh, a street act.”

Passerby B: “I’ve seen that kid perform before!”

Heroine: (A street act?…. Oh, I see!)

???: “What should we do? Is it okay now?”

Heroine: “Yeah, let’s move back a bit.”

???: “Huh? But…..”

Heroine: “If you keep watching, you’ll get it”

???: “???”

Tasuku: “Tell me the truth! That my illness can’t be cured, right?”

Haruto: “That’s not true!”

Tasuku: “You’re lying. I overheard it. When you were talking to the doctor…..”

Haruto: “What?”

Tasuku: “I would hate dying without knowing anything like this. I want to know exactly what is happening. About my illness….. I’m begging you, Haruto……”

Haruto: “There are too many people watching. Let’s talk at the hospital.”


Heroine: (I wonder if they have take a pause between all that?)

Tasuku: “Thank you very much for watching.”

Haruto: “Thank you!”

Passerby A: “Just what I expected, the actors at God Seat are good-”

Passerby B: “I was so absorbed in their performance.”

Heroine: (I really couldn’t take my eyes off them! I didn’t even notice that it was a performance.)

???: “What? Acting? That was a play just now?”

Heroine: “It’s called a street act. It’s a street performance where they ad-lib. Troupe members do it to earn money and to advertise at the same time.”

???: “Oh! An improvisation play or a flash-mob? Something like that?”

Heroine: “Yeah. It’s a town with a lot of small theater so it’s pretty popular, but I was surprised the first time I saw it.”

???: “Wow…. This really is a theater town….. I have to study more.”

Tasuku: “I’m sorry for worrying you guys earlier. Thanks”

Haruto: “You came out and talked to the people passing by, so of course they were shocked.”

Tasuku: “It’s cause you took too long to come out.”

Haruto: “What was that, are you saying it was my fault?”

Heroine: “I was a bit shocked but it was interesting.”

Tasuku: “I’m glad. Come and see our performance at God Seat next time.”

Heroine: “Yeah, I will!”

???: “Um, is God Seat recruiting members at the moment?”

Haruto: “We are, so are you interested in joining?”

???: “I’m still thinking about it, but do you have a dormitory?”

Haruto: “We don’t have anything like that. That guys lives at home and everyone else rents rooms nearby. A handful of them are runways so it’s tough. A lot of guys barely make a living, and they have to scrape by on an allowance.”

???: “Is that right…..”

Haruto: “If you have experience and ability, then that would be a different story, right?”

???: “I understand. Thank you very much. Well then, this is where I leave–”

Tasuku: “Thank you very much.”

Heroine: “So that kid wanted to join a troupe….. Somehow I feel like I’ve seen something like this before, it’s nostalgic. I’ll also throw some money in.)

Haruto: “We’re here all the time! See ya-”

Heroine: (Those guys, both of them had flowers and were really good at acting, so I bet they’re popular. Well that’s to be expected, the level of Velvet Way is high. I’m looking forward to seeing the performances here!)

Heroine: (Mankai Company, it’s……….. here. I’d say it’s either full of history,  or it’s old, or that it’s frankly falling apart…..! There’s meant to be a performance today, but there’s no sign of any people. I wonder if it’s going to be okay. I went as far as coming to this place, but what if this letter was just a prank……)

Heroine: “Is Makai Company the troupe that father was in? We were sent a letter addressed to Dad and the person who sent it should know about him, so if I go meet the sender I can probably learn something about my dad.”

Mom: “If that the case, then you have to decide on your own. I can’t make the decision for you.”

Heroine: “It’s already been six years since Dad left, hasn’t it? Aren’t you worried, Mom?”

Mom: “A person like that probably died along the wayside. He cut all ties so I don’t care.”

Heroine: ( That’s what Mom said….. I wonder if she really does worry about Dad? This is where the letter was sent from a person called Matsukawa Isuke.  What kind of relationship does he have with my dad? Are they stage partners?”

???: “Hey, are you here for something at this theater?”

Heroine: “—. Are you Matsukawa-san, by any chance–”

Yakuza Looking Man: “Huuh?”

Heroine: (I’m wrong. I’m wrong. Please let me be wrong!)


Yakuza-Like Man: “You…. It can’t be.”

Heroine: “Ah, I got the wrong person. It’s not like I got a letter or anything, I’m just a passerby passing by.”

Heroine: (Don’t tell me, Dad, it’s a joke that you owe this person money, right?

Yakuza-Like Man: “If you don’t have reason to be here, get lost. If you don’t want to be exposed to danger that is.”

Heroine: “Exposed to danger?”

???: “Kyaaaa!”

???: “Hey hey hey-”

Heroine: “!? What!? That sound… That’s an excavator!?”

To be continued

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7 thoughts on “[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Prologue – Chapter 1

  1. This chapter took forever (mostly cause it’s so much longer than what I usually work on)but it’s finally done 😘 I will get started on the next chapter tomorrow so we can find out what’s up with that excavator asap😂


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  3. Gigi

    Hello! I’m so glad I found your blog, thank you for the translation! 💗 I’ve started to play the game, but I don’t know how to save 😖 could you please tell me how do you save the game to avoid having to repeat the prologue? Thank you! 🙂


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