[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Connect! Encore – Christmas Miracle Chapter 6


Izumi Chikanojo: “Okay♪ We have Christmas presents for everyone!”

Girl: “Presents!? Thank you!!”

Shirakawa Motoi: “I have a present for you……! Here you go……!”

Boy: “Huh? Wow, it’s a bell! It’s so pretty!”

Izumi Chikanojo: “Nfufu♪All the little ones look happy.”

Narumi Masato: “Yeah! Kitagawa-kun’s surprise was a really wonderful idea!!”

Kitagawa Shota: “Hehe, it looks like all the children got their bells!”

Heroine: “Hehe, I’m glad that we asked the children from the home that helped you out to come along.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Yeah! It’s thanks to Saionji-senpai!”

Heroine: “Even so, I was surprised when you talked about inviting the children from the home.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Truthfully, I’ve been thinking about since we were the one’s selected to perform this time. I thought it would be nice if we could invite!”

Heroine: “Huh? Really?”

Kitagawa Shota: “Yeah, that’s why I asked to be the leader.”

Heroine: “Oh, I see……. I didn’t know……”

Kitagawa Shota: “I wanted the children to have fun on Christmas no matter what. When I was at the home we weren’t really able to celebrate a Christmas extravagantly. Did you decorate a Christmas tree at your house?”

Heroine: “Huh? Yeah, more or less….”

Kitagawa Shota: “The tree at the home was old, and there weren’t many ornaments…. We would always fight over the star. But you have younger children do the best part, don’t you?”

Heroine: “I see. So that’s why you wanted to put the star on the tree so badly.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Yeah that’s right! It’s not like Christmas back then was all bad, and after my current parents adopted Christmas has become even more fun.”

Heroine: “You’re right. Spending Christmas with everyone is also fun.”


Kitagawa Shota: “Yeah, there are all sorts of ways to celebrate Christmas. Of course, you can also spend Christmas with your lover…….”

Heroine: “Huh?”


Heroine: “That’s right. You have to absolutely convey that feeling to the children!”

Kitagawa Shota: “Yeah! I’ll try my best!”

Hyuga Minato: “Ahh, so this is where you were, Kitagawa-kun.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Minato, what’s up?”

Hyuga Minato: “Here, it’s your costume.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Thanks! ……WOW, THIS COSTUMES IS FOR ME!? IS THAT OKAY!?”

Hyuga Minato: “Everyone else is either Santa or reindeer. It’s proof you’re the leader.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Yeah! All right! I’m going to put this and get up on stage!”

Heroine: “Yeah! It’s already time! Do your best!”

Kitagawa Shota: “Thank you. I’m going to make this the best performance!”

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