[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Connect! Encore – Christmas Miracle Chapter 5



Watase Chisato: “Isn’t the balance a little off? A little more to the right.”

Hodaka Natsuki: “Try slanting it a little more.”


Sakisaga Shu: “Ahh, it looks good.”

Heroine: (Hehe, it seems like everyone is having fun.)

Heroine: “…….Come to think of it, Kengo-kun, it seems like you have been on your computer the whole time, what are you doing?”

Myojin Kengo: “Fufu………. Please go ahead and take this. Could you turn it towards the tree and touch the screen?”

Heroine: “A smartphone? Like this? …………Oh! Amazing! When you touch the phone, the lights on the tree light up!”

Myojin Kengo: “Yes. It’s an illumination system that works with smartphones.”

Heroine: “Illumination system…?”

Myojin Kengo: “On the day of the performance, people will be able to download this exclusive app, touch their devices and the illumination will light up.”

Heroine: “Wow! With this the audience will be able to enjoy the performance together! Kengo-kun, you’re amazing!”

Kido Senji: “Oh, that worked pretty well! Kengo-kun, was it? Would you let me try it too?”

Myojin Kengo: “Heh…… Now a popular idol is recognizing my skill. With this, she will finally be into me! Fuhahah!”

Kido Senji: “A-Ahaha…… Fujishiro has a lot of interesting people after all…….”

Inui Kotaro: “Hey— I caught a suspicious guy in the tree. Do any of you know him?”

Heroine: “O-Osaka-kun!? ……What, you were in the tree!?”

Osaka Hiromu: “H-Hello…… Fancy meeting you here……”

Heroine: “What’s that in your hand…….? Coolant gas…. and reindeer antlers!?”

Osaka Hiromu: No, these are…… This is something I’m preparing for the Christmas performance…….! They are definitely not for hurting someone……!

Inui Kotaro: “…….What, you know this person?”

Osaka Hiromu: “We don’t just know each other. We are very, very close friends. And who are you? Don’t tell me you’re trying to hinder the relationship between her and I……. It’s not that is it?”

Kido Senji: “Hey, Dog, this guy’s bad news…… All sorts of bad news. Let’s head back for today.

Inui Kotaro: “……? I got it.”

Kitagawa Shota: “All right, now that we have finished decorating, I have to tell everyone about the surprise I’ve been planning!”

Heroine: (A surprise……  That’s what Kitagawa-kun was talking to Saionji-senpai about! What on earth is it?)

Kitagawa Shota: “The surprise is —-“

The day of the performance battle

Heroine: (It looks like there are a lot of people in the audience, which is also perfect for the preparation for Kitagawa-kun’s surprise.)

Female Audience Member A: “Hey, should I download this app from the QR code on this flyer?”

Female Audience Member B: “Yeah. It said that an illumination will light up from the app that we will be able to watch together. I’m looking forward to it.”


Kannagi Mitsuru: “Hello. It seems like your flyer distribution went well.”

Heroine: “K-Kannagi-kun! Hello…! Yes. I glad that everyone seems to be having fun.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “It appears that there are children in the audience from the local children’s homes.”

Heroine: “That’s right. Kitagawa-kun…… The leader of the unit proposed that we invite the children……”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “That is wonderful. That is fitting for a local event. I wonder, will the children be participating in the performance?

Heroine: “Well, before the performance we will be handing out bells to the children, and we are planning to do something fun with that.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “The adults will have the application and the children will have instruments to have fun with……? How nice. We will also be giving our best at the performance, so let’s trust in our friendship and enjoy ourselves.”

Heroine: “Yes!”

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