[Info] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Surfing Marine Resort Event + Gacha


Surfing Marine Resort

To promote the battle performances, everyone goes with Mibu’s idea to film a PV in the southern part of Japan. The second years are bewildered by the different way that The Heavenly Four of Fujishiro want to express their music. This puts a wall between them…….

The event will run from the 1/31 15:00 (JST) until 2/6 14:59 (JST)

Event Songs

Wonderful Happiness – Uneven Atelier Members

Connecting Hearts  – Kitagawa Shota


4 Star Mibu Taiga, 3 Star Hodaka Natsuki, 2 Star Myojin Kengo, and 2 Star Takatsukasa Masaomi

Student Council Home Room


Surfing Marine Resort

4 Star Kuwakado Aoi, 4 Star Kujo Kenshin, 3 Star Saionji Ren, 3 Star Amane Keito, 2 Star Kitagawa Shota, and 2 Star Hirose Kai


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