[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Prologue – Opening Chapter

Opening Chapter: Sometime in the Future

Sakuya: (The theater stage is empty but, the crowd is enthusiastic and they’re gradually getting pumped up. It’s a full house.  I could even feel the anticipation and a quiet excitement from behind the curtain. It’s the final run of this performance. I’ve made it this far, so I want to do my best. My knees are almost shaking with nervousness and anxiety.)


Masumi: “……”

Sakuya: (Masumi-kun is as cool as ever. He’s the complete opposite to me.)

Tsuzuru: “……”

Sakuya: (Tsuzuru-kun is always reading the script, but he won’t change the script again now that it’s crunch time, will he?”


Itaru: “……”

Sakuma: (Itaru-san looks a little nervous. Since I’m the leader I gotta to keep it together.”

Citron: “……”

Sakuya: (As usual I have no idea what Citron-san is thinking, I need to calm down.)

Sakuya: “……”

Sakuya: (It’s going to be okay. I always thought it was hopeless, but I’ve come this far. At long last I was able to make it. My heart’s trembling. I feel like I swallowed all my  nervousness, anxiety, and excitement, and it feels like butterflies in my stomach.  I’m so excited that I could burst out laughing. Today, I’m sure we will be able to bloom in full for the first time.)


Sakuya: “Isn’t that right, director…..!”

Tsuzuru: “We will bloom”

Masumi: “Let’s bloom”

Citron: “I want to bloom.”

Itaru: “Won’t you let us bloom?”

Sakuya: “Please let us bloom, director!”

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