[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Winter Troupe Character Profile

Winter Troupe

I wanna be on this Stage. I can’t think of anything else.

Tsumugi Tsukioka

CV: Atsushi Tamaru

A returning actor who came to reclaim his lost dream

“No matter what, I want to stand on the stage with you.”

He once participated in student plays but, due to a certain incident he lost his acting confidence and gave up on the path of an actor. However he didn’t abandon it after all, and he joins MAKAI company to chase after that dream again. He is the leader of the Winter Troupe. He is gentle but has a bit of a timid personality. He is childhood friends with Tasuku, and was in the same theater circle at university and they planned plays together.

Age: 24

Height: 175cm

Birthday: 12/28

Blood Type: O

Occupation: Freeter (private tutor)

Motif Flower: Narcissus

Hobbies: Gardening (influenced by his grandmother)

Hisoka Mikage

CV: Junta Terashima

A sleepy prince-like actor with no memories 

“…..Zzzz ……Sleepy”

He is an unidentified man with amnesia, and no address to go to. He was found passed out in front of the theater. He can fall asleep anytime and anywhere, and he does not speak much. There are no clues as to what he was doing before he lost his memory, but he is skilled at acting and is very light on his feet.

Age: 25

Height: 170cm

Birthday: 12/3

Blood Type: AB

Occupation: Unemployed

Motif Flower: Anemone

Hobbies: Playing with stray cats, and observing humans

Tasuku Takato

CV: Takuya Satou

A stoic actor who is bad at talking

“Can we do that scene one more time?”

He was enrolled at GOD Seat for a top position, however, due to a certain circumstances at the time he left the troupe and joined MANKAI company. Generally speaking, when it comes to plays he is stoic and serious. He is manly but a little bit awkward, and is bad at speaking. He is childhood friends with Tsumugi and, up until after university they participated in the same theater circle. He felt a powerful anger when Tsumugi gave up on acting.

Age: 24

Height: 185cm

Birthday: 2/22

Blood Type: A

Occupation: Actor

Motif Flower: Orchid

Hobbies: Running, and soccer

Homare Arisugawa

CV:Toshiyuki Toyonaga

An artistic and strange poet actor

“My heart is a mandolin that shakes, and wavers, and falls.”

He is quite artistic and is always searching for art. However, his aesthetic sense is out of the ordinary and his way of considering it is extreme. When he has poetic inspiration, due to his poetic nature he will suddenly in public recite embarrassingly passionate poetry.   His behavior is strange but he is surprisingly good at taking care of people, so he also cares for Mikage when he suddenly falls asleep.

Age: 27

Height: 181cm

Birthday: 2/12

Blood Type: AB

Occupation: Poet

Motif Flower: Rose

Hobbies: Reading Shakespeare

Azuma Yukishiro

CV:Tetsuya Kakihara

A gentle actor who is like a age-defying woman

“Fufu, if you’re lonely , shall we sleep together?”

A gentle older brother type who is an adult that defies aging. His age is a mystery. He is highly aware of his beauty, and never fails to improve himself. He really only does things at his own pace and says whatever he likes to the people around him because he basically doesn’t give a damn, he is also calm in a crisis. Before entering MANKAI company, it seems a lot of patron were devastated when he left his previous occupation.

Age: ??

Height: 178cm

Birthday: 1/22

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Freeter

Motif Flower: Camellia

Hobbies: Adult coloring books (Islamic patterns, etc)

Spring Troupe

Summer Troupe 

Autumn Troupe

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  4. Finally finished all the character profiles for the main cast of A3! I may continue translating the game, the main story and event stories, if they are good. I’m having fun so far, just hope the event are good 🙂


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