[Translation] A3 (Act! Addict! Actors!) Summer Troupe Character Profiles

Summer Troupe

You are the first person to accept my weakness.

Tenma Sumeragi

CV: Takuya Eguchi

A genius Ore-sama type actor who really hates to lose

“Someday, I’ll be the man who wins best leading actor awards all over the world!”

A talented actor who was a genius child actor. He is a thoroughbred with parents that are both movie stars. He has absolute confidence in his acting and he hates to lose… But because of that he does not have very many friends. He is the leader of the Summer Troupe. He was in the middle of filming a movie but because of a certain reason he entered the MANKAI company to take on the stage.

Age: 16

Height: 178cm

Birthday: 6/21

Blood Type: O

Occupation: 2nd year student at Ouka High School

Motif Flower: Sunflower

Hobbies: Bonsai topiary, and muscle training

Misumi Ikaruga

CV: Daisuke Hirose

A tricky, upper type actor who is an eccentric

“Rice balls are such a mystery! They’re triangles, triangles!”

A mysterious young man who at one point settled down in the dorms without permission. He a pure oddball who is always at high tension and only thinks about triangles. Because his physical ability are oddly high, the times that he notices this, he runs around the walls and ceilings of the dorm.

Age: 19

Height: 175cm

Birthday: 6/6

Blood Type: AB

Occupation: Freeter

Motif Flower: Dahlia

Hobbies: Collecting triangular things

Yuki Rurikawa

CV: Shunichi Toki

A cute seamstress-cum-actor with a wicked tongue

“Shut up! Read the atmosphere, you useless actor !”

He participates in the Summer Troupe as a costume specialist and actor.  He may look female but that is only so he can wear any cute clothes he wants, on the inside he is fully male. Rather, his personality is rather frank and brazen, and he often goes off a his seniors  so the gap between this and his looks is steep. Has a habit of giving the people around him nicknames with his wicked tongue.

Age: 14

Height: 165cm

Birthday: 7/8

Blood Type: O

Occupation: 3rd year at Saint Flora Middle School

Motif Flower: Lily

Hobbies: Collecting cute things

Muku Sakisaka

CV: Yoshitaka Yamaya

A pure, romantic actor who admires princes

“I want to be like a prince from a shoujo manga.”

A kind-hearted boy whose motto is “doing one good deed each day”. Shoujo manga is his bible, and he admires prince-like men. Despite his modest personality he is often flustered and has a severe persecution complex, and often acts recklessly when he is on his own. Up until he joined MANKAI company it seemed that he often participated in the track and field club as their ace………


Height:  167cm

Birthday: 8/30

Blood Type: A

Occupation:3rd year at Saint Flora Middle School

Motif Flower:Chinese Bellflower

Hobbies: Reading shoujo manga(he remember which scene is on which page)

Kazunari Miyoshi

CV: Ren Ozawa

A beautiful university student actor with excellent communication who lives in the now 

“Manager-chan♪ I’m looking forward to working with you today☆”

He is a in the now-type man with excellent communication skills and while he is frivolous somehow or other he has a lot of friends. It is thought that when he meets a persons eye they instantly become friends, and he will cheerfully talk with anybody that he comes  across and without any discrimination. Because his specialty is graphic design, he is in charge of the troupe’s flyer and website design. His relationship with you is the same as a high school senior-junior relationship.

Age: 19

Height:  175cm

Birthday: 8/1

Blood Type:AB

Occupation: 2nd year student at an arts university

Motif Flower: Hibiscus

Hobbies: Updating SNS, and scuba diving

Spring Troupe 

Autumn Troupe

Winter Troupe

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