[Translation] A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) Autumn Troupe Character Profiles

Autumn Troupe

Finally I found something rewarding… It’s all your fault

Banri Settsu

CV: Chiharu Sawashiro

A neo-delinquent actor who lives his life on easy mode 

“My life is on super ultra easy mode “

An ultra high specs delinquent who can not only handle sports and studying flawlessly but pretty much anything else. Everything in life feels pointless to him so he spent all his time getting into fights as he saw fit until he tasted defeat. He chased after Juza who had defeated him and for the sake of revenge joined the MANKAI company. He is the leader of the Autumn Troupe.

Age: 17

Height: 183cm

Birthday: 9/9

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Third year high school student at Hanasaki Academy

Motif Flower: Cosmos

Hobbies: Playing games, and solving Rubik’s cubes

Sakyo Furuichi

CV: Yuichi Hose

A cold-hearted unparalleled yakuza elite actor 

“Return the money in full immediately. Otherwise I’ll shut down this theater.”

A elite yakuza who is attempted to shut down indebted MANKAI company’s theater.for some reason he is more knowledgeable about the troupe’s history and workings than the manager. He joins the company for a certain reason and sets about revamping the troupe as the person in charge of accounting. He relies on his head but sometimes he acts like a bit of an old man.

Age: 30

Height: 178cm

Birthday: 11/23

Blood Type: A

Occupation: Yakuza

Motif Flower: Chrysanthemum

Hobbies: Film appreciation, reading (anything) , and popping bubble wrap

Omi Fushimi

CV:Kentaro Kumagai

A  warm former delinquent actor who has mom-like character 

“Wow, the fights over. The quiche is done baking”

Because he was raised in a family of 4 with only men, he has a mom-like character with his forte being all types of house work, and he is also skilled at cooking and making sweets. He has a large repertoire and everyday he fills the stomachs of everyone in the troupe. It hard to imagine since he is usually so gentle, but the truth it seems that when he was in high school he was the strongest delinquent. He is in the photography club at university.

Age: 20

Height: 190cm

Birthday: 11/2

Blood Type: O

Occupation: 3rd year at Hasei University

Motif Flower: Carnation

Hobbies: All handicrafts (wool, felt, lacework, etc)

Taichi Nanao

CV: Kento Hama

A puppy-like delinquent who wants to be popular

“I’m going to be popular! I’m going to be popular right now”

A frivolous person who loves women, the reason he entered the company is simple because he “I going on stage to be popular!”. He is always at high tension and the mood maker, and he seems like a dog that’s friendly to anyone while shaking it’s tail. He longs for the fierce looking Juza and Banri, who can do anything, to look his way, so he’s not afraid to get involved with those two.


Height: 172cm

Birthday: 10/11

Blood Type: O

Occupation: 2nd year student at Ouka High School

Motif Flower: Pansy

Hobbies: Reading the love advice section of fashion magazines

Juza Hyodo

CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi

A rowdy delinquent actor who is good at overacting 

“I have to change my acting! I will definitely do it!”

A tough delinquent who is always alone. The truth is that from elementary school he has admired actors but because he was scared of the people around him he was never nominated to be in the school arts festival. He came with wholehearted intention to do the Autumn Troupe audition. He has a relationship with Banri from before entertaining the company.


Height: 185cm

Birthday: 9/27

Blood Type: A

Occupation: 3nd year student at Ouka High School

Motif Flower:Cluster Amaryllis

Hobbies: Ordering sweets (It’s a secret from his family)

Spring Troupe

Summer Troupe

Winter Troupe

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