[Translation] A3 (Act! Addict! Actors!) Spring Troupe Character Profiles

Spring Troupe

Please make our talent blossom, Director

Sakuya Sakuma

CV: Kodai Saka

A straightforward, sunny and energetic actor

“I’m going to do even more than my best”

Ever since he was little he loved dramas and he still needs more experience and ability but  at any rate he is a hard-worker who strives to practice with all his might. His home situation is a little bit complicated and after seeing a recruitment for live-in troupe members he went to audition.He was the first to become a member of the troupe formed  by the new company MAKAI.  He is selected as the leader of the Spring Troupe.

Age: 17

Height: 167cm

Birthday: 3/9

Blood Type: O

Occupation: Third year high school student at Hanasaki Academy

Motif Flower: Cherry blossoms

Hobbies: Practicing the lines from his favorite drama by the river

Masumi Usui

CV: Yusuke Shirai

An earnest, and cool junior actor

“Haa…….Your love. I order you to give it to me.”

The second member to join the MANKAI company after falling in love with you at first sight after seeing you around town. While he is an amateur, his sense and line memorization stand out, however, his entire motivation is to be praised by you, and he is a troublemaker who is rude when interacting with the other troupe members. His parent are overseas, so he has a lot of freedom and lacks discipline.

Age: 16

Height: 175cm

Birthday: 3/30

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Second year high school student at Hanasaki Academy

Motif Flower: Violet

Hobbies: Musical appreciation (focusing on post-rock and progressive)



CV: Masashi Igarashi

An exchange student actor from a befittingly mysterious foreign country

“Japanese really is hard after all……. But it’s not a protein!”*

He is an exchange student from a country shrouded in mystery who suddenly appears in front of you to enroll. He is very proactive in his desire to learn Japanese and his acting, however, but his biggest weakness is that he tends to make mistakes with his Japanese. It’s hard to tell whether he is lying or telling the truth as he often leads those around him astray but he is the mood maker of the Spring Troupe who calms the place when everyone is feeling tired.

Age: 22

Height: 177cm

Birthday: 5/15

Blood Type: O

Occupation: Exchange student (?)

Motif Flower: Jasmine

Hobbies: Learning new Japanese words from the dictionary, and looking at maps of the world online

Itaru Chigasaki

CV: Shintaro Asanuma

A refreshing prince-type elite salary-man actor

“Haha. If you ever have a problem you can count on me no matter what”

A well mannered elite company employee with the refreshing and gentle air of an adult. From doing his job he has a lot of trust from his co-workers and superiors and it seems that even within the company he is treated like a prince. However, is that merely his daytime visage? It seems he joined the MANKAI company for a certain reason……..

Age: 23

Height: 178cm

Birthday: 4/24

Blood Type: AB

Occupation: Working at a top class company for the past 2 years

Motif Flower: Gerbera

Hobbies: Online games, phone games, and console games

Tsuzuru Minagi

CV: Kotaro Nishiyama

A nervous, straight-man older brother type actor

“Geez. Thank goodness…. seriously” 

The third eldest brother in a large household of ten brothers, he is a hardworking brother who was over-protectively looking after his seven younger brothers until high school. His dream is to be a playwright and as a result with he joins the MANKAI company because it was okay for him to live-in since he wanted to lessen the financial burden on his family. He is a strong-armed part-time worker and every part-time is experience to him.

Age: 18

Height: 180cm

Birthday: 4/9

Blood Type: A

Occupation: Second year at Hasei University

Motif Flower: Dandelion

Hobbies: Looking for interesting and well paying part-time work in job search magazines

*Translation notes: Citiron tries to say it’s not a problem but says protein instead

Summer Troupe

Autumn Troupe

Winter Troupe

A3! Official Website


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