[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Connect! Encore – Christmas Miracle Chapter 4


Kido Senji: “Oh, it’s everyone from Fujishiro Academy. Hello♪”

Inui Kotaro: “………….”

Heroine: “Kido-kun! And Inui-san too! Did you guys also come to decorate the tree?”

Kido Senji: “No, we just came to see the appearance of the stage. I’m planning our next performance so I’m giving this place a preliminary inspection.”

Izumi Chikanojo: “Nhaha♪ If it isn’t Senji-kun and Ko-chan! You both have pretty faces as usual, and your skin is so smooth!”

Kido Senji: “Huh, isn’t it obvious? Because I’m an idol? Haha, just kidding. Thank you for your compliment♪”

Kitagawa Shota: “Wow! Aren’t those two celebrities!? Awesome! Do you know them, Izumi-chan!? We might as well decorate the tree together!”

Inui Kotaro: “…………..I’m sorry but, we just came to see the stage so we have to decline.”

Izumi Chikanojo: “Hey, don’t say something so boring! Decorate, decorate!”

Heroine: “I agree. If everyone decorates together it will definitely be fun.”

Kido Senji: “…….Yeah, well, we could join in for a bit.”

Heroine: (Yeah, decorating a Christmas tree does feel great! I wonder how those guys are going?)

Kido Senji: “I want to place this ornament a little bit higher but I probably can’t reach from here.”

Inui Kotaro: “………..Should I lift you up?”

Kido Senji: “Huh? Don’t treat me like a kid, Kotaro. I’ll kill you.”

Heroine: “Kido-kun, are you alright? Do you need some help?”

Kido Senji: “What, ah, ahaha, I’m fine♪ I’ll just use the step-ladder to decorate so don’t worry about it.”

Izumi Chikanojo: “Hey, guys look over here! Cheese!”

Kido Senji: “Argh, what was that!?”

Izumi Chikanojo: “Nhaha, I feel like the photo will be more worthwhile to take if Senji-kun and Ko-chan are in it♪”

Kitagawa Shota: “Haha, Izumi-chan’s photo sessions get me more pumped up every time! Now then, the tree decorating is about to end. And now it’s time for the best part I’ve been waiting for!!”

Heroine: “Kitagawa-kun, what do you mean by best part?”


Kitagawa Shota: “I’m talking about the true charm of a Christmas tree…… The star at the top!! I totally get why everyone want to be the one to put it up! So that there’ll be no hard feeling let’s decide with paper scissors rock! The winner will be the one to put it up!”

Izumi Chikanojo: “The star at the top? If you want to put it up why don’t you just do it?”

Myojin Kengo: “I’m not particularly interested in it.”

Watase Chisato: “Do whatever you like.”


Shirakawa Motoi: “I also think it would be best if Kitagawa-kun is the one to put it up the top.”

Hyuga Minato: “Whether it’s a tree or a model, the person who wants to decorate it will decorate it the best.”

Narumi Masato: “I was already able to decorate a lot today.”

Heroine: “I also want to see Kitagawa-kun putting the star up.”

Sakisaga Shu: “……..Here, the star. I brought an especially beautiful one.”

Hodaka Natsuki: “Here’s the step-ladder I borrowed. Feel free to put it up.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Everyone’s kindness has touched my heart! Well then, without holding back, I’m going to put the star up!”

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