[Translation] GARM STRUGGLE: Character Profiles + Story Introduction

Character Profiles


Sumeragi Mao 

CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki

Mad love (phillia) –  Love of crying (Dacryphillia)

‘You can only cry for me…!”

The heroine’s childhood friend.

Good at sports, and an ore-sama type character.

Popular at school, and he thinks that he’s the best.

Mad Love (phillia) details: Is attracted to crying, tears and wailing, streaming tears.

Age: 18

Birthday: 7/9

Blood Type: B

Height/Weight: 178cm/63kg

Favorite Things: Meat, and working out

Disliked Things: Conspiracies

Hobbies: Basketball


Nukuhi Sotaroh

CV: Yuki Ono

Mad Love (phillia) –  Overbearing Love (Stewardphillia)

“I am the one that controls you”

The heroine’s classmate. Superior grades. Information demon.

Always has a grip on everything.

Serves as the student council president at school.

Mad Love (phillia) details: Calmly, like a butler, he will excessively control and dominate you.

Age: 17

Birthday: 3/25

Blood Type: A

Height/Weight: 175cm/60kg

Favorite Things: Bookstores, and rules

Disliked Things: fungus

Hobbies: Reading, and making entries in his notebook


Adashino Kiori

CV: Natsuki Hanae

Mad love (phillia) –  Gnawing Love (Chewphillia)

“Hey, is it okay if I bite youuu.”

A mischievous spirit who spares no effort in order to see peoples shocked faces.

Always is eating gummies.

A bright and friendly personality, and is good at using puppy-dog eyes.

Mad Love (phillia) details: Is attracted to eating, holding things in the mouth and biting.

Age: 16

Birthday: 11/8

Blood Type: AB

Height/Weight: 165cm/51kg

Favorite Things: Candy (especially gummi candy)

Disliked Things: Bitter things, and being treated like a child

Hobbies: Pranks, and eating


Hiiro Aran

CV: Shouta Aoi

Mad love (phillia) – Bondage love (Bindphillia)

“Could I try binding you to me?”

Model and university student.

A great sense of beauty and good at taking care of others.

Feminine appearance but a handsome man.

Mad Love (phillia) details: Attracted to restraint and binding. Also wants to be able to bind your heart and soul.

Age: 20

Birthday: 10/15

Blood Type: AB

Height/Weight: 177cm/57kg

Favorite Things: Organic, beautiful things, and working

Disliked Things: People who judge by appearances

Hobbies: Shopping, and appreciation of the arts


Kuga Rin

CV: Hiro Shimono

Mad love (phillia) – Bonding love (Connectphillia)

“………….Are trying to expose me?”

Bad mouthed. He rarely speaks but when he does it’s biting words with a wicked tongue.

Wants to live without other people.

Aran is his cousin. He’s a university student.

Mad Love (phillia) details: Wants to dis-join from any connections and bonds, however he holds a desire contrary to this. From the bottom of his heart, he wants to connect.

Age: 19

Birthday: 2/17

Blood Type: O

Height/Weight: 185cm/65kg

Favorite Things: Quiet places, and nature

Disliked Things: Human relationships

Hobbies: Listening to music


Kukuri Hina (name is changeable)

A normal high school girl.

She lives together with her uncle, Uzume, who adopted her.

She loves Uzume’s sweets and cooking.




Amagiri Uzume

CV: Joji Nakata

“I want to know what you think of these new sweets, could you try some?”

The master of a sweets bar called “eyn”.

After the heroine’s parents died he adpoted her , and raised her like his own daughter.

He is an overprotective and doting parent to the heroine.

Age: 42

Height/Weight: 173cm/65kg

Blood Type: O


Tsukinari Sakuya

CV: Daisuke Hirakawa

Mad love (phillia) – Normal love (Normaphillia)

“Don’t you think the correct appearance is beautiful?”

The leader of the “Ragnarok” crime syndicate.

He believe that it is a virtue to be faithful to his desires, and engages in destructive activities to bring about the “Twilight Era”.

Mad Love (phillia) details: Attracted to normalcy, correctness and order. He has absolute obedience to the things he believes in, that is his creed.

Age: 25

Birthday: 5/1

Blood Type: B

Height/Weight: 180cm/60kg



A puppy. The only dog with a “garm’.

After a certain incident, Uzume picked him up and now he lives at the bar.

He gets along with Mao like cats and dogs.


The usual morning. The usual school.

She thought that those kind of mediocre days would continue on forever….

When she was young she lost her parents, and the protagonist lived peacefully with the uncle that adopted her.

One day, at the shopping mall she is dragged into “Ragnarok” crime syndicate’s destructive activities.

‘Come now…. This is the beginning of a “Twilight Era”‘ 

Before her eyes humans are transformed into monsters……….. She is assaulted by the fear of death…..

5 men work together with her, and the accident causes them to obtain strange powers as “Garm”.

However…. The true threat may be the origin of their strange powers, for inside these men lurks the mark of “Mad Love (Phillia)”…..

Is it a “love” that will burn them or is it a sin they cannot escape?

When the world is full of madness, the awakened “Garm” will be unleashed—!


GARM STRUGGLE is an upcoming mobage that is scheduled for release on Android in late January and iOS late Feburary. The genre is classed as a mad love adventure for women.

Official Site


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