[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Connect! Encore – Christmas Miracle Chapter 1

Heroine: (Here we go! There will be a meeting for the next performance battle during today’s lunch break. I hear that the member’s this time are all 2nd year students…… Fufu, it will be easy to voice my opinions and it seems like it will be exciting.)

Osaka Hiromu: “Hello, I was waiting for you. Here, the seat next to me is free, so please sit.”

Izumi Chikanojo: “HELLO!”


Narumi Masato: “Hello Bambina, I’m looking forward to working with you for this performance battle.”

Izumi Chikanojo: “Over here, let’s sit together♪”

Heroine: “Woah, Chika-chan! You don’t have to pull that much.”

Osaka Hiromu: “……………………..”

Kitagawa Shota: “I was waiting for you!”

Myojin Kengo: “You………….!?  So y-you’re one of the members too……… I’m honored!”

Hodaka Natsuki: “Hmm? Myojin started looking motivated all of a sudden. Even though he was just saying that he was going to go home.”

Heroine: “Fufu, I look forward to working with everyone! Umm, aren’t there some members missing……”


Sakisaga Shu: “………..Is everyone gathered now………..?”

Hyuga Minato: “We’re late because our lesson dragged on a bit. Even so, what’s with this lineup……”

Watase Chisato: “……I can hear all your voices from the hallway. Haa… Keep the noise down.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Yes, all the members have gathered! Well then, let’s start the meeting straight away!”

Heroine: “Umm, the performance this time is a Christmas Live that will be performed on a stage in town.”

Izumi Chikanojo: “Yes! But it seems as though nothing other than that has been decided.”

Kitagawa Shota: “Is there something anyone wants to do? If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to say them out loud.”

Hodaka Natsuki: “Christmas, huh? ……….. I don’t really get it. I usually just spend Christmas eating hot pot with my Grandpa and Grandma. During that time of year, the cabbages picked from my field are delicious.”

Myojin Kengo: “Hey Hodaka, what kind of comment is that? We are talking about the performance battle at the moment.”


Osaka Hiromu: “…………Anderson’s The Little Match Girl ……No, Tin Soldiers*……. A story of the unrequited love with a girl………”

Narumi Masato: “No, since it’s Christmas, shouldn’t it be themed around brighter fairytales?”

Osaka Hiromu: “WHAT? Y-YOU WERE LISTENING……!?”

Izumi Chikanojo: “You guys, aren’t willing do a play, are you?”

Sakisaga Shu: “…….Star.”

Shirakawa Motoi: “Star? Oh, the Christmas tree decoration?”

Sakisaga Shu: “It seems like you will able to see the stars clearly tonight.”

Shirakawa Motoi: “Ahaha…. Is that what you meant?”

Hyuga Minato: “Sagisaka, you do things at your own pace way too much.”

Heroine: (……Everyone is talking about a lot of things but somehow…… I feel like it will be difficult to put it all together……..)

Kitagawa Shota: “Oops, seems like I’ve caused some trouble. What everyone wants to do is vague so I’ve just been sitting here listening.”

Heroine: “It’s not your fault Kitagawa-kun”

Izumi Chikanojo: “Oh, that’s right! What should we do about a leader?”

Heroine: “Umm…. Is there anyone here who wants to be the leader?”


*The Little Match Girl is a short story by Hans Christian Andersen. The Steadfast Tin Soldier is another fairytale from Hans Christian Andersen

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