[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Sparking Showtime Opening Party Chapter 6


Saionji Ren: “Thank you very much to the students from Seiran Academy for visiting Fujishiro Academy this time. I hope that you have a wonderful time today since we have prepared several programs. First we have a piano concert performed by students from Fujishiro Academy that I hope you will enjoy. In charge of piano is Takatsukasa Masaomi-kun. The conductor for this performance is Sagisaka Shu-kun.”

Seiran Academy Female Student: “Takatsukasa-san is one of Fujishiro Academy’s Heavenly Four. He’s so good looking that the first time I saw him I almost cried.”

Seiran Academy Female Student: “Sagisaka-kun also looks a lot cooler in person than in the magazines. I wonder if I can get his autograph after this. “


Sagisaka Shu: “Well then…… Let’s begin the performance.”

Heroine: (Wow… Sagisaka-kun’s so calm………Also, Takatsukasa-senpai plays the piano very delicately……..)

Kisaragi Toma: “Hey. Don’t slack off. Our performance is after this.”

Heroine: “Ah, you’re right…….!

Moribe Kuniharu: “……When this performance ends, the dance time will begin. Please finish any preparation as soon as possible.”

Kisaragi Toma: “Yeah. As long as you do what we did in practice you’ll be fine. Remember to not mess up the timing.”

Heroine: “Yes! Let’s have fun, Toma”

Kisaragi Toma: “Yes, preparations are complete. Let’s do this!”

Heroine: (Yes, the next step is……..)


Kisaragi Toma: “Oh, nice. Let’s keep up this rhythm until the end.”

Kido Senji: “Huh, isn’t this quite a sophisticated performance. The person over there also looks like she’s fully motivated.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “Fufu….. Do your best.”

Inui Kotaro: “………Is it okay that she is dancing with that other guy?”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “Such trivial things are not a concern. Because…… In the end she will choose me.”

Inui Kotaro: “……It’s finally going to begin.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “No, it has already begun. It began a long time ago.”

Heroine: (The party will end with a speech from Saionji-senpai. It was over in the blink of an eye but it was fun)

Saionji Ren: “Thank you very much for today everyone. With this, the party has come to an end. However, the ‘StellaFest’ continues. To the students of both schools, if you fully demonstrate your talent this event will surely succeed…… I truly believe that. Fufu, I can’t help but look forward to witnessing your very best performances. Well then, let us meet at the next performance battle.”

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