[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Sparking Showtime Opening Party Chapter 5

Heroine: (It’s finally the day of the party performance today! I better quickly get ready ……. Huh? Is someone playing a game over there…?)


Kitashiro Takeru: “……What do you want?”

Heroine: “Kitashiro-kun, you came.”

Kitashiro Takeru: “Tch, in addition to chasing me down every day, that bastard Moribe had the nerve to annoyingly call me today as well…… It was just so freaking annoying that I couldn’t help but come. Besides, you can earn attendance days just by participating.”

Heroine: “I see. But, I’m still really glad you came.”


Moribe Kuniharu: “I want you to change into this costume for me……!”

Kitashiro Takeru: “Shit, you found me!”


Heroine:  (Fufu, somehow it seems like they are having fun.)

Heroine: (Umm…… The thing I needed to check on after that was……that)

Mibu Taiga: “Kujo, the performance has been checked but wouldn’t it be better if you and I moderate things here?”

Kujo Kishin: “Urghh. We are not moderating; we are hosting. Good grief, you……”

Mibu Taiga: “When that’s over, is it okay if I go wander around the venue for a bit?”

Kujo Kishin: “I don’t really care but, why?”

Mibu Taiga: “My acquaintance from Seiran is here! I just wanted to say hello to them.”

Kujo Kishin: “Ahh, that childhood friend you were talking about before?”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “…… Excuse me. Hello, Ren. Are you in the middle of something?”

Saionji Ren: “Oh, Kannagi-kun. Welcome.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “Thank you for inviting me today. I’m looking forward to Fujishiro’s performance.”

Saionji Ren: “Yes. There will also be a dance time so, by all mean please come along and enjoy that too.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “Oh…. How wondeful.”

Heroine: (…….What? My eyes met Kannagi-kun’s……)

Kannagi Mitsuru: “……Have you already decided on your dance partner?”

Heroine: “Huh? Umm, ehhhh……  Do you mean me?”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “Yes, that’s right.”


Kisaragi Toma: “She’s my partner.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “Is that so? Well, that’s too bad. I would be really happy if you danced with me next time.”

Heroine: “Y, yeah……”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “Fufu, well then, I must be off.”

Kisaragi Toma: “Tch, what the hell, that guy…….”

Saionji Ren: “Well then, it’s already time for the performance. Let’s make our way to the venue.”

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