[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Sparking Showtime♪ Opening Party Chapter 3


Kido Senji: “Did Fujishiro’s Student Council President seriously come here? You confronted them without me. What’s the meaning of this, Kannagi-kun.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “It’s because you had work on that day. That being the case, on the day of the party stay by my side.”

Kido Senji: “Hey! Even so, that was reckless of Fujishiro’s Student Council President. From now on there will be a showdown between our schools.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “…… Isn’t it better to enjoy it?”

Kido Senji: “Well, I guess you right there. Before this battle begins we’ve already had a succession of victories. I want to see their crying faces soon.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “Senji, if you aren’t careful the rug might be swept from under your feet. If you think the other side is a bunch of amateurs, you will find yourself mistaken.”

Kido Senji: “What? By any chance Mitsuru-kun, are being cautious because of the band called Vanitas? We have Saeba so it will be fine.”

Kannagi Mistsuru: “No, I’m not worried about that. …….Our victory is promised.”

Kido Senji: “That said, I just saw Ichigo and they were in extremely high spirits. They were saying things like: “My fated rival is at Fujishiro Academy!””

Kannagi Mistsuru: “Fufu, we will be number one in this battle, Senji. A fighting spirit that can’t lose…… I’d like to experience that feeling.”

Kido Senji: “Ha, I’m also a pro so there is absolutely no way I’d lose.”

Kannagi Mistsuru: “That level of motivation is good and all but don’t snap at our opponent’s students.”

Kido Senji: “I know. I’m still an idol before anything else. So, as much as possible I’m going to shower everyone with smiles befitting of an idol.”

A few days later – Fujishiro Academy’s Music Room


Sagisaka Shu: “……How was my conducting?”

Heroine: “It was really good! Sagisaka-kun, you said that you weren’t really suited to be the conductor but I’m surprised with how well your coming along with each practice session.”

Takasukasa Masaomi: “Ahh. Surprisingly, it might be that he has a sense for this.”

Sagisaka Shu: “……. I don’t really get it. I don’t think I’m really suited for it but…… I recently started to think that it’s not so bad, if the things I do make someone happy. I thought that for some reason when I saw how Kisaragi and everyone made the crowd happy at their performance. That’s why, I’m planning to do whatever I can.”

Heroine: (I’m really glad that Sagasaki-kun is trying his best to look at the positive side.)

Kisaragi Toma: “Excuse me. ……Oh, you’re here?”

Heroine: “Huh, Toma? What’s up? Aren’t you meant to be at dance practice today?”

Kisaragi Toma: “A…. Yeah, well, that’s right but……”

Heroine: “……? Ah, that’s right, speaking of dancing, have you decided on your partner yet?

Kisaragi Toma: “No, not yet…….”

Heroine: “If you don’t decide soon you’ll be in trouble. Your partner has to practice as well.”

Kisaragi Toma: “I get it…. Geez, you really don’t get other people’s feelings…..”

Heroine: “Hm? Ah, Toma, where are you going? Didn’t you come here for something…… He’s gone already. Toma, what did you come here for?”

Takasukasa Masaomi: “That was a little awkward…… Perhaps, the reason he came here was to ask you to be his dance partner?

Heroine: “What, Toma wants me to be his dance partner!?”

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