[Info] Band Yarouze: Rockin’ Genpei GIGS – The Red and White Duel


Event Duration: The event runs from the 2016/12/30 (Friday) 16:00 JST until the 2017/1/12 (Thursday) 13:59 JST

Event Overview: It has been decided that the bands will participate in a Genpei battle. The bands will be divided into two teams: BLAST / Cure2tron will make up the red camp and OSIRIS / FairyApril will make up the white camp. Support each team with music and lead them to victory but…….?

This is a new event type that involves winning with the red or white team and defeating the opposing team by playing lives

Event Reward Cards: 

SR Sousuke Maki (Survive the Ice and Snow)

SR Kazuma Nanase (Fleeting Thoughts of You)

R Makoto Kurusu (Lively New Year’s Eve)


New Year’s Event Limited Time Gacha Cards:

SSR (BEAT) Shin Koganei (Drum in the New Year)

w6001 (3).png

SSR (MELODY) Mint (New Year Sensation)

w6001 (4).png

SR (BEAT) Shelly (Charmed by your Beauty)

R (GROOVE) Teppei Shirayuki (Bursting onto the Scene – Terrifying Snowman)

R (MELODY) Yoshimune Tokuda (Surprising Outfit)

w6001 (5).png



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