[Translation] 021 Channel (Onii-chan Neru) – Prologue + Character Profiles

Character Profiles



The ideal older brother that everyone wants to return home to

“My dream is for the two of to live together. That’s it♪”

An athletic superior salesman. With a cheerful and attentive personality his sales records are always top class. He is popular with his colleagues and is continually invented to drinking parties and to hang out.  His hobbies are making curry, and basketball. His dream is to build a house to live in together with his sister.

Height: 173cm

Weight: 57kg

Blood Type: O

Birthday: 7/7

Residence: Tsukishima

Occupation: Brokerage Firm Salesman

Hobbies: Basketball (playing and spectating), games and cooking

Favorite foods: Curry, fried chicken and hamburgers



The dispassionate and callous brother who is a doctor

“Be quiet. Go away. What makes you think you can talk to me so easily.”

A prideful and self-confident surgeon. He thinks that he is the the best in the world so he is has not interest in other people. He also treats his siblings coldly and he spends a lot of free time in private. He lives in an apartment in Azabu. His hobbies are drinking wine and reading.

Height: 182cm

Weight: 67kg

Blood Type: A

Birthday: 4/25

Residence: Azabu

Occupation: Doctor

Hobbies: Wine and reading

Favorite foods: Cheese and Iberico ham



The strongest brother who returned from overseas

“Your enemy is everything….. I’ll get rid of them”

A mercenary who is well know overseas. Having lived most of his life on the battlefield he is always prepared for a fight, so living an everyday normal life has become difficult. Contrary to his rugged appearance his true nature is very kind and is liked by animals. His hobby is camping and he is good at hunting and cooking rice.

Height: 177cm

Weight: 70kg

Blood Type: B

Birthday: 2/28

Residence: Lives in Shouma’s house

Occupation:  Mercenary (While in Japan, Special Police)

Hobbies: Collecting knifes, weapons and sunglasses, animals (training them to fight) and camping

Favorite foods: White rice, sushi, and Oyakodon


The muscular entertaining brother

“It makes me so happy when you smile!!”

A free-spirited brother who part-times as a life guard in the summer and an amusement park mascot in the summer.He is super positive and has a never ending supply of cheerfulness.   He wears short sleeve shirts and shorts all year round. He loves swimming and whenever he see water a tension runs through him and he can’t help but jump in.

Height: 182cm

Weight: 72kg

Blood Type: AB

Birthday: 8/8

Residence: Ueno

Occupation:  Part-timer

Hobbies: Swimming, moving  his body about in any way and challenging himself

Favorite foods:  Popsicles (soda flavor), loves soft drink (loves cola the best), and his favorite menu item is hamburgers (with a fried egg)



The amorous brother 

“Hmm….. Yes, that smell. Are you trying to tempt me?”

Popular actor from Kyoto. A master of love; wherever he goes his voice immediately casts a spell on women. When it comes to work he is competent and the staff trust him, and treat him warmly. In his private life, he wonders aimlessly looking for somewhere that he can’t catch hold of. His hobby is eating.

Height: 176cm

Weight: 65kg

Blood Type: A

Birthday: 1/2

Residence: Ebisu

Occupation:  Popular actor

Hobbies: Tea ceremony, flower arrangement, food tours, and sex

Favorite foods: Sake, ramen, good quality meat  and green tea



The once in a lifetime brother

“Do you want to kiss my foot that much?”

Ever since he was a child it has been said that he is a “once in a lifetime genius” and he graduated university when he was 15 years old. He is well aware he is superior to other people and that they are charmed by his looks so he lives his life taking full advantage of that.He makes fun of his clumsy sister by calling her “stupid”.

Height: 162cm

Weight: 43kg

Blood Type: B

Birthday: 5/5

Residence: Aoyama 1st district

Occupation: Genius engineer

Hobbies: Hacking, messing about with machines, and playing the violin

Favorite foods: Jelly candy, and ice-cream



The affectionate and crazed stalker brother

“Where were you just now? Were you doing something with someone? I’m worried about you…”

His desire to monopolize comes from a strong sense of worry and is always watching out for any men who getting close to his sister.He wants to keep his sister close at hand to protect her but the other brothers keep getting in the way, so it’s hard for him to do so. He is a clean-freak, and is highly strung. He has a surveillance camera in his sister’s room.

Height: 176cm

Weight: 55kg

Blood Type: AB

Birthday: 6/9

Residence: 2nd District Hongou

Occupation: University Associate Professor

Hobbies: Photography (so he can make an album of his sister), writing in a diary (so he can keep a growth record of his sister), and jogging  (so he can pursue his sister)

Favorite foods: Nutritional supplements



The orthodox American brother

“Money isn’t a problem for me, so if you ever run into any trouble don’t hesitate to ask me”

He runs an IT business and for his sister he came to Japan to open a branch office. He speaks with English mixed in with his Japanese. He is madly in love with his sister and calls her “my honey”. Because he is American he will kiss and hug regardless of the location. When he is drunk his skin-ship becomes excessive. His hobby is training.

Height: 188cm

Weight: 83kg

Blood Type: B

Birthday: 10/17

Residence: Roppongi

Occupation: Works at an IT company

Hobbies: American football, basketball, baseball, movies, and going to the gym

Favorite foods: Japanese food (sushi, tempura, and sukiyaki)


It was my birthday.

When I arrived home after work, there was a letter in my mailbox.

“Happy Birthday. I’m your older brother. It probably surprising to suddenly hear that but tomorrow at 12 o’clock I’ll be waiting in front of the owl statute at the station.”

“Me?  But I’m an only child. It is my birthday though…… I wonder if somebody’s is trying to pull a prank on me……”

Even though I that is what I thought, inside of me there was a swelling curiosity that I could not suppress.

–the next day–

When I went to the meeting place, there were 5 men standing there.

As I stared at them motionlessly, they all came closer to me.

“Nice to meet you, we are your older brothers.”

“Huh, all of you are my older brothers?”

As I stood there dumbfounded, a sweet smelling older brother pulled out my cellphone.

“I will put in our contact information so that we can get in touch whenever we want.”

The older brother cleverly installed an application and returned my phone to me.

“This is an exclusive app for when you want to contact your older brothers called ‘Onii-chan Neru’. With this you can contact your favorite brother anytime you like. They will come running to you no matter where you are.”

My mind wasn’t able to keep up with the developments that were just like a roll coaster ride……

But, when I looked at my smiling older brothers in front of me, spontaneous words had fallen out of my mouth.

“Nice to meet you, my older brothers!”

And thus, my new everyday life together with my older brothers began.


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