[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Sparking Showtime♪ Opening Party Chapter 2


Kisaragi Toma: “You said I’m going to be performing again…… What do you mean…?”

Saionji Ren: “Soon, in earnest, a performance battle will begin between both schools.”

Takasukasa Masaomi: “Before that, Fujishiro Academy will invite Seiran’s students here and hold a party……? That’s what Saionji was saying.”

Kujo Kishin: “Good grief, you are too carefree…….I’ve told you a number of times don’t get us caught up in your crazy proposals……”

Kurogi Tokimune: “——Kujo-san. If you can’t understand Ren-sama’s wonderful idea, then please be quiet.”

Kujo Kishin: “Oh, it’s Kurogi’s reprehensible manner of speaking……”

Kisaragi Toma: “You said something about a party……. Aren’t we competing against them? Why are getting friendly with those guys……?”

Saionji Ren: “Even though I said it was a battle, both schools have the same goal. Getting everyone pumped up for the StellaFest.”

Mibu Taiga: “That’s why from now on, we will have to cooperate with each other.”

Saionji Ren: “And at the party we will be holding a dance time but…… Kisaragi-kun, on that occasion, I was thinking that I wanted to ask you to dance on stage and get the venue pumped up.”

Kisaragi Toma: “Seriously……? I was stupid to think that if I did one performance that it would be only time……”

Mibu Taiga: “It’s because you knew the guys from Seiran before this at the opening ceremony! We thought it would be easier this way since you’re familiar with them.”

Saionji Ren: “On the day, the Music Department’s brass band is scheduled to be performing in the concert as well. And for the as conductor, the famous model Sakisaga-kun will fill that role.

Takasukasa Masaomi: “I will also be participating as pianist.”

Heroine: “Wow, everyone is really wonderful!”

Sagisaka Shu: “……I don’t think I’d do well as conductor…… I’d like it if you asked the music teacher instead……..”

Saionji Ren: “It’s because the StellaFest is a student-led event. This time everyone is being challenging by things they are not used to…….It’s important.”

Sagisaka Shu: “………………………”

Saionji Ren: “Continuing with you, as the Executive Committee for the StellaFest I ask that you support the performers.”

Heroine: “Yes, I’ll try my best”

Sagisaka Shu: “…….You’re trying your best for this?”

Heroine: “Yes, of course.”

Sagisaka Shu: “……If that’s the case, then I’ve also decided to try my best.”

Saionji Ren: “Fufu……. With this the performers have been decided. Oh, Kisaragi-kun. I’ve forgot to mention this but…….Naturally, it’s necessary to have a female partner for the party’s dance time. Please choose someone. As for song selection and such, let me take care of that and there will be no problems.”

Kisaragi Toma: “Huh!? Hold on Saionji-senpai, please stop dropping bombshells at the end of things……Even if you suddenly bring up partners………”

Heroine: “……? Toma, why did you suddenly look over here?”

Kisaragi Toma: “No, no reason………. Dammit, this just became annoying.”


Moribe Kuniharu: “Kitashiro-kun! I have to talk to you about the party that is being held with Seiran Academy!”

Kitashiro Takeru: “Tch……. Don’t get me involved in troublesome things again! Geez, just how much free time do you bastards have.

Kisaragi Toma: “At this rate it seems that Kitashiro won’t cooperate. Moribe should just give in and then we could all give up.”

Heroine: “Fufu, But, I feel like Kitashiro-kun expression has become more gentle when talking with Moribe-kun compared to before. It’s all because they performed together as a unit at the opening ceremony.”

Kisaragi Toma: “Is that so? I don’t think it’s changed all that much from before. Well, I’m heading to my club activities. You are going to the music room right?”

Heroine: “Yeah. From now on Takasukasa-senpai and Sagisaka-kun will be meeting with everyone from the brass band club. That’s why beside participating as a support role I also have to do various preparation work.”

Kisaragi Toma: “You are either very diligent or very honest…….. Well, try your best.”

Heroine: (——Ah, Takusukasa-senpai and Sagisaka-kun are surrounded………)


Female Student: “I’m looking forward to your concert, Takusakasa-senpai!”

Female Student: “Me too! Takusakasa-senpai, I really love the way you play piano!”

Takasukasa Masaomi: “Thank you. I’ll try my best as a representative of Fujishiro Academy.”

Female Student: “Sagisaka-kun, are you going to be conducting at the upcoming party? Because I would absolutely go see that!”

Female Student: “Oh yeah, hey, has Kisaragi-kun decided on a partner for the dance time I hear they are holding?”

Sagisaka Shu: “……We want to get to the music classroom so, could you move?”

Heroine: (The two of them are as popular as ever…….. I’ll enter the music room while they are busy………..)

Takasukasa Masaomi: “Sorry to have kept you waiting”

Sagisaka Shu: “Haa……We only just got here but I’m tired…….”

Heroine: “Hahaha…… Well then, let’s hurry up and greet everyone from the Brass Band Club.”

The next day at Seiran’s Student Council Office


Kido Senji: “Did Fujishiro’s Student Council President seriously come here? You confronted them without me. What’s the meaning of this, Kannagi-kun.”

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