[Info] Band Yarouze: Merry Christmas GIG Ding-Dong Rock Night


Event Duration: The event runs from the 2016/12/19 (Monday) 17:00 (JST) until the 2016/12/28 (Wednesday) 00:00 (JST)

Event Overview: The event is focuses on BLAST, OSIRIS, FairyApril and Cure2tron during the Christmas season. Delivering a look into the private lives of the band members! What are their Christmas wishes…….? Furthermore, the vocalists from all four bands will performing together in the Christmas cover song Ding-Dong Rock Night. During the event, earn points by playing the event songs or other songs. Accumulating points earns rewards such as event stories and items.

Event Limited Music: Ding-Dong Rock Night


Event Reward Cards: 

SR Ray Cephart Merry Run Night

R Todo Misato Christmas with Everyone

w600 (1).png

Christmas Event Limited Time Gacha Cards:

SSR Ohtori Asahi Happy Chritmas

w600 (3).png

SR Mint Captivating Santa-chan

SR Miley Christmas and a Secret Shot

w600 (5).png



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