Translation: Band Yarouze – Halloween Party GIGS Master’s Nightmare Event Fairy April Chapter 10


Yoshimune: “We won so hurry up and send us back to our world!”

Demon King Master: “Huh? Who said anything about there being only one round?”

Kazuma: “What did you say………!?”

Demon King Master: “There are 107 rounds remaining! We still don’t know the outcome of this match!”

Misato: “107!? We can’t keep up with that!”

Demon King Master: “The Halloween season is when all the demons have money and free time. You going to be stuck here for a long time.”

Yoshimune: “There is something really sad about having to spend Halloween with an old man!”

Demon King Master: “Is it okay if I play a prank on you?”


Kazuma: “Crap, at this rate we won’t make it back in time for the Halloween live……….!”

Asahi: “Say…. It’s bad if we exorcise our fans but…… What about the Demon King?”

Kazuma, Yoshimune & Misato: “Oh.”

Demon King Master: “Huh”


Everyone: “……………….”

Demon King Master: “Wha, what, those dazzling smile are their true power!”

Asahi: “We are delivering the magic of happiness to you, Demon King! Fariy…….”

Demon King: “S, Stop! I’ll return you, I’ll return you back to your world! Please—–”

Everyone: “Go!”

Demon King Master: “ARGHHHHHHHH!!”

Asahi: “……! I’m, I’m glad, we’re back!”

Misato: “In the end, what was that? I wonder if we all had the same dream.”

Yoshimune: “But, our appearance is the same from when we were in in Hell. That means………!

Kazuma: “Owwwww! Stop pulling!”

Yoshimune: “What’s this, your head is attached properly.”

Kazuma: “You’ll regret that!”

Asahi: “Ahaha…… But, it seems like the Halloween live will go well!”

Misato: “That’s because we had some authentic practice in Hell. I want all our fans to hear it soon.”

Yoshimune: “That’s right. But well, our tour in Hell was exhausting. We should take a break until the live……”

Kazuma: “What are you even saying? You’re the one who decided to this sparkling. I even got used to playing in armour.”

Yoshimune: “I thought you would say something like that. Yeah, for the sake of the princesses, I’ll try my best for just a bit longer!”

Asahi: “Everyone, we are delivering a special magic to you just for Halloween! Fairy………”


Everyone: “Go!”


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