Translation: Band Yarouze – Halloween Party GIGS Master’s Nightmare Event Fairy April Chapter 9



Asahi: “Thank you, Misato! We didn’t exorcise everyone from Hell thanks to the idea that Misato come up to hype everyone before our live!”

Misato: “For your information, it’s because I was thinking it about so desperately! So I didn’t just suddenly come up with it!”

Yoshimune: “Who are to making excuses to?”

Fiancée Ghost: “Your power was the real thing………. It’s my loss. Please marry her.”

Kazuma: “No, we said that but we………”

Band Girl Ghost: “Wait, Kazukyun!”

Kazuma: “Huh?

Band Girl Ghost: “I’m sorry, Kazukyun…… I’m going to marry my fiancée instead!”

Asahi: “What!? Even though Fiancée-san lost…… Why?”

Band Girl Ghost: “I watched Fairy April’s performance and I thought about it and I realized that I really love bands after all…. I really love I chasing after bands! But, stuff like tours cost money, right? After all, it would help me out if my husband’s earnings were good.”

Yoshimune: “Aren’t you being a bit too honest!!?”

Fiancée Ghost: The part of you that is so faithful to your desires, it’s the best. Please marry me!”

Misato: “Ahh, is that alright!? Is that reasoning okay!? As expected of Hell……”

Asahi: “But, I’m glad…… With this, everything is settled!”

Kazuma: “What’s settled? Just take a look at yourself.”

Asahi: “Woah! I have a huge scythe! That’s right…… We have to defeat Master…… No that’s not it, we have to defeat the Demon King to be able to return to our original world.

Fiancée Ghost: “Let me guide you to the Demon King’s castle since it’s my work place.”

Asahi: “Thank you!”


Demon King Master: “Kukuku……. You came, Fairy April.”

Asahi: “Demon King……!”

Demon King Master: “I watched you duel gig with my subordinate but…… You’re more like goblins than fairies. You guys are have become completely corrupted.”

Asahi: “Even if we are corrupted it doesn’t matter because we are able to hype up the fans from Hell!”

Misato: “Demon King! We challenge you to a duel gig!”

Kazuma: “We’ll show you our Shining Live”

Yoshimune: “It’s bad to leave the princesses waiting so I have to return to our original soon!”

Demon King Master: “Interesting…. Well, my band is different from some amateur band created to kill some time.”

Asahi: “……!”

Kuzuma: “This intensity…… Certainly……… I can see it.”

Misato: “But, it will be okay! Because we already are connected with the fans in Hell!”

Asahi: “Demon King, Bow down to our forbidden magic! Fairy……”

Everyone: “Go!”

*Live Performance*

Demon King Master: “Ha……. I thought you were just a band of brats who only knew how to sparkle……. You’ve grown, haven’t you?”


Asahi: “We, we did it……… We beat the Demon King……!!”

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