Band Yarouze: Halloween Party GIGS Master’s Nightmare Event Fairy April Chapter 8


Asahi: “Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone!”

Fiancée Ghost: “Ha…… So you actually came and didn’t run away.”

Band Girl Ghost: “Of course they did! It’s because Kazukyun is in love with me!”

Kazuma: “No, no I’m not, wait……Kazukyun?”

Yoshimune: “Her love grew in the time where you couldn’t meet. While you were apart as a result of various delusions inside her mind you have become Kazukyun…….”

Kazuma: “……. Okay, don’t say anymore.”

Papa Ghost: “Well then, I’ll be listening to your performances.”

Mama Ghost: “Whoever wins this duel gig will marry you…. Are you okay with that?”

Band Girl Ghost: “Yes, it’s a promise.”


Asahi: “Kazukyun! Aside from this whole marriage thing, we’re seriously going to win this duel gig!”

Misato: “If we lose in a place like this there is no way could face the Demon King, Kazukyun!”

Yoshimune: “Because that’s how it is, Kazukyun! Please reply, Kazukyun!”

Kazuma: “Shut up with the kyun kyun! Let’s go and do this just like we did before!”

Misato: “Uwahahaha! It’s the Sabbath Mass! It’s a Blood Festival –!”

Yoshimune: “We brought a sweet poison for you pigs. What is it you ask? It’s is our new song!!”

Kazuma: “Are you ready to blow your brains, huh!?”


Asahi: “Bow down to our forbidden magic! Fairy……”


Everyone: “Go!”

*Live Performance*


Asahi: “They, they weren’t exorcised …….! Besides, that was…….!

Kazuma: “This duel gig, it’s our win!”

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