Band Yarouze: Halloween Party GIGS Master’s Nightmare Event Fairy April Chapter 7


Yoshimune: “I said I’m sorry, Kazumacchi!”

Kazuma: “…………….”

Asahi: “It’s suddenly getting heated……But, finding a way so we don’t exorcise the inhabitants of Hell is very important!”

Misato: “Yeah, if we aren’t able to reach our fans with our music, then we can’t succeed in the Shining Live and we won’t be able to return to our original world.”

Kazuma: “If we win the duel against the fiancée, I might have to get married to that ghost……”

Yoshimune: “ I’m saying it I’ll be okay! When it comes to the moment where exchange a kiss during your vows, I’ll take Kazumacchi’s head and run away.”



Yoshimune: “Ouchhhhhh! Stop, don’t pull on my horns!”

Asahi: “—-! That’s it, we just need to become bad!”

Kazuma: “Hey, how come you thought up that idea while looking at me?”

Yoshmune: “Ouch…… Become bad you say, what do you mean?”

Asahi: “I think that if we start a live that inspires evil feelings, then we won’t sparkle.”

Misato: “For sure! Asahi, let’s try doing it for a bit!”

Asahi: “Everyone……. No, you bastards! Today, let’s get pumped up…. No, that’s not right…. It’s loud in here but let’s get even louder!”

Yoshimune: “There is probably a limit for being awkward.”

Asahi: “It’s, it’s because I’m not used inspiring like that……. Yoshimune, have a go!”

Yoshimune: “Oh yeah! Ready to do this? Or not? Ah? Oh? Hmmmm??”

Misato: “You are saying a bunch of things but it has a hollow feeling…….”

Kazuma: “That’s just how Yoshimune is.”

Yoshimune: “Oh, I can’t believe you said that! Well then, Kazumacchi you have a go.”

Kazuma: “A song for the repose of souls (a requiem) to consecrate the lonely (pitiful) dead (the Pierrots*) who have lost hope (for the future) listen to the screaming (a voice) of blood (and tears)—”

Yoshimune: “Wow…….”

Kazuma: “You’re, you’re the one who said to try it!”

Asahi: “That fact that you were able to come up with that so quickly is amazing!”


Asahi: “How about Misato? Can you come up with something good to inspire them? ”


Misato: “Yeah, it’s really is hard after all…… But I’ll give it a shot. Wahaha, kneel you pigs–! If you want us to sing sacrifice your life blood to us! Burn your entrails in devotion to our song!”

Yoshimune: “Scary!!”

Kazuma: “Are you serious……?”

Misato: “Hold, hold up a second. I thought a lot and somehow thought up those things against my own will! Hey, Asahi, you say something too.”

Asahi: “Misato, that was amazing! The baddest of the bad, the strongest worst evil that is super cruel, literally the worst! I’m sure that everyone in the demon world is going to be fine after that!”

Misato: “If that’s the case then I’m glad but…. Even if you praise me for that, I’m not happy about it……”

*Note: Pierrot is French for clown

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