Band Yarouze: Halloween Party GIGS Master’s Nightmare Event Fairy April Chapter 6


Asahi: “Um…… Who the hell are you?”

???: “I’m her fiancée.”

Fairy April: “FIANCEE!?”

Fiancée Ghost: “I’m her super elite civil servant fiancée who works in one of Hell’s government agencys.”

Asahi: “Civil, civil servant……!”

Band Girl Ghost: “Fiancée? That’s just something this person and my parents decided on their own! Don’t believe it, Kazuma!”

Kazuma: “No, I believe it. I believe it from the bottom of my heart.”

Fiancée Ghost: “I am familiar with you guys. Since it was our agency that took the order from the Demon King to summon you.”

Yoshimune: “What……. What do you mean?”

Fiancée Ghost: “Because it’s Halloween the Demon King wants to do a live, so he ordered us to take guys who seemed reasonably strong. Even though we also have all our regular work, we have to contact all the related places and follow all the procedures for opening the gate. Good grief, how hard do you want us to work?!”

Yoshimune: “Oh…… Working under tyrannical senior management is tough.”

Asahi: “Is that so…… I’m sorry, even though you were busy we added to your work load.”

Misato: “You don’t have to apologize Asahi! The in the wrong is Master, wait I mean the Demon King? Master is the Demon King and the Demon King is Master?”

Fiancée Ghost: “In any case, if you guys are gone then this problem will be resolved! I challenge you to a duel gig with the girl as the wager,”

Kazuma: “Let’s just call this your victory! I don’t even want to get married in the first place……”

Asahi: “Of course, we accept your challenge!!”


Kazuma: “ASAHIIIII!!”

Asahi: “Let us prove it, Kazuma-kun! That Fairy April isn’t just some band!”

Kazuma: “If we prove it, I’ll probably have to get married!!”

Yoshimune: “Oh yeah–! I just became the most motivated here. We are absolutely, absolutelyyyyyyy going to win!!”

Misato: “Because you said we’re an amateur band we’re not going easy on you? You had better get ready!”

Kazuma: “Hey….! In the first place, I’m pretty sure we aren’t able to perform a live right now!?”

Asahi: “Oh…. That’s right……”

Misato: “If we sparkle then all the spirits will be exorcised…….”

Asahi: “Fiancée-san…… Please give us a little more time.  Since we will ensure that our song reaches everyone in Hell without fail!”

Fiancée Ghost: “I can see how serious you are…… I understand.”

Kazuma: “Why is that understandable to you!?”

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